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What’s Up Buttercup? 4 Signs Of A Straying Wife

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where I talk about those signs which not only show there’s something wrong with your relationship but also that your wife is likely to be straying elsewhere. Disclaimer: As always, please take this as general advice only. It’s impossible for me to cover […]

What you get with a cheap private detective

We get it. Hiring a private detective to investigate something you’re worried about is not exactly cheap as chips. And it can be hard to understand why some places are more expensive than others. But when you’re paying for a service, price is often a very good indicator of the quality you’re receiving. Just like […]

Quiz: Is your spouse or partner cheating?

You may have your suspicions, but how can you know for sure? While nothing will  give you the truth the same way a proper investigation will, this quiz can help you identify if your suspicions are well founded or not, as per observations from our experienced private investigators. Answer the questions below and note how […]

Love, Actually and what it shows about cheating

As a popular Christmas movie, it’s likely you recently watched Love Actually over the Christmas break and enjoyed the heart warming stories of love conquering all and bringing people together over the holidays. However, you may have also noticed that there are few less than stellar relationships in the movie as well. Cheating and other unfaithful […]

What We Learned From The Ashley Madison Website Hack

The recent Ashley Madison hack has brought to light some very interesting facts and insights. As professional private detectives, we can team the facts from this exposed data with our industry knowledge to bring you a some cold hard truths about cheating, affairs, and the truth behind the Ashley Madison numbers.

6 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Our private investigators of Sydney/Melbourne has compiled a list of things they see crop up all the time when investigating cheating partners. While no two cases are the same, these are some patterns we see in the men and women that we discover are cheating.

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