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What you get with a cheap private detective

We get it. Hiring a private detective to investigate something you’re worried about is not exactly cheap as chips. And it can be hard to understand why some places are more expensive than others. But when you’re paying for a service, price is often a very good indicator of the quality you’re receiving. Just like […]

Is it ever OK to snoop?

If you suspect that your husband, wife or partner is cheating on you, you may think it’s a good idea to investigate them yourself, snooping around to find evidence of their treachery. You’ve probably already tried to look through their phone or email. But the fact of the matter is, all you’re doing is putting […]

Is your child an extremist? Or just a normal rebel.

In light of the recent bout of teenagers joining ISIS or planning horrible terrorist attacks, parents everywhere are asking, is my child mixed up in something terrible? Teenage rebellion is normal, but it’s hard to know the difference between normal and extremism when your kids shut themselves off from you. Read on to see what you […]

Fling or Affair? What your partner is up to…

Sometimes, the question isn’t ‘is my partner cheating?’, but more ‘is it a one time thing?’. If you know that your partner has cheated, but want to know just how bad the situation is, read on for some behaviours that could give you an indication of whether the cheating was a quick, meaningless fling, or […]

Is your online date who they say they are?

Online dating is a tricky thing. On the one hand, it’s a great way to meet like minded people looking for love. On the other hand, you have no idea about the person on the other side. People lie all the time in dating websites, and these can range from little white lies about their […]

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