Quiz: Is your spouse or partner cheating?

You may have your suspicions, but how can you know for sure? While nothing will  give you the truth the same way a proper investigation will, this quiz can help you identify if your suspicions are well founded or not, as per observations from our experienced private investigators. Answer the questions below and note how many times you answer yes. The number you end up with will give you your score, with the results below.

Do they hide their phone?  (Yes/No)

Or anything really. If your partner isn’t letting you near you, from their phone or tablet to their computer or appointment book, it’s usually a likely sign that they have something to hide. If their reaction to you touching their phone or going near their computer is panic, then they might be worries that you’ll find evidence of their infidelity.

Have their habits changed?  (Yes/No)

If your spouse is cheating, they’re going to have to change their routine to fit in the new person. Are they coming home later? Are they getting up early to ‘go to the gym’? Not every change is proof that your spouse is cheating, but if it feels odd, it could be your gut telling you that they’re not where they say they are.

Do they have a new friend?  (Yes/No)

Sometimes people are tempted by someone new and different to the usual. Is there a new person in your friendship circle? A new colleague that they seem to see a lot of? It’s a cliche, but the ‘new secretary at the office’ cliche is there for a reason.

Have they taken a sudden interest in their appearance? (Yes/No)

If your spouse or partner had been fairly average in the health and fitness department and is suddenly very concerned about their appearance, losing weight or preening themselves, they could be doing it for a new love interest.

Has their attitude around you changed dramatically? (Yes/No)

Whether it’s suddenly more aggressive, aloof or even romantic, sometimes a sudden change in attitude can be a reflection of guilt.


1 Yes – Maybe not
It may be early days, or it could just be natural behaviour. Take extra care to look for the behaviours described above. If more start to pop up, take action.

2 – 3 Yes – Maybe so
It’s hard to tell. Yes the warning signs are there, but it’s very hard to be sure. What does your gut say? If it’s leaning towards an affair, you should trust that instinct. If you’re worried, start thinking about taking some steps to discover the truth. A private detective doing surveillance will uncover any secrets your partner is hiding and find out the truth for you.

4 Yes – Likely
There are clearly some warning signs. It’s hard to hear, but it’s fairly likely that your partner is unfaithful, or at least doing something behind your back. You need to take action and find out the truth. A private investigator is your best chance to get the evidence you need to confront them.

5 Yes – Most likely
You have every reason now to suspect your partner is cheating on you. An affair is hard to keep a secret, and it’s clear there are warning signs that something is going on with your spouse or partner. Confronting them without proof will most likely lead them to deny it completely. A private detective is what you need to get the evidence so you can confront them and leave them no-where to hide.

The detectives here at Elite Investigations are ready to get you the truth you need. We know it’s important to be discreet, and can help you with your concerns about an affair. If you think something is happening behind your back that you ought to know about it, give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email