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Get the evidence you need to support your claims when confronting your loved one or a friend with their addiction

Confronting An Addicted Person

Alcohol, drug and gambling addictions are significant issues in many homes throughout Australia. Confronting a loved one, family member, colleague or business associate about their drug, gambling or drinking habit can be difficult, to say the least. Bringing up the subject of addiction with an addicted person is likely to push them into a corner where they will object to talking about the subject – or deny any involvement. Therefore you need evidence of the addiction, to remove any doubt for both parties before confronting the addicted person and finding out if they are willing to seek help.

Family wanting to help alcohol addicted father
Drug, Gambling and Alcohol Addiction

Where to start?

Even though they may not want any help, you want to give it to them. You know that their behaviour is impacting their relationships, their work, and their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If it happens to be a spouse or partner, then you know first-hand how their addictive behaviour is affecting their life and yours, and you have a right to want it to stop. However, it is difficult to know how to help someone struggling with a drug problem, gambling addiction or alcoholism.

The first thing to do, before trying to tackle the problem, is to identify it. As someone who is close to them, you can’t confront them without evidence, and you know they won’t tell you the truth about their problem.

Elite Investigations are discreet and professional and can work with you to get the evidence you need to support your claims when confronting your loved one or friend with claims of their addiction.

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While it might seem like a good idea to do your own reconnaissance work, you may unknowingly end up committing illegal activities.

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