There is always someone who will do it cheaper…

What are you really paying for?

We all know the old adage; you get what you pay for. However, when it comes to services, such as a private investigation, it can be hard to understand where the difference comes in. If you go for the cheapest quote, nine times out of ten you’re going to be getting an inferior service. And the worst part? You might not even realise it! Read below to see what you’re paying for.

The worst case scenario is a straight up scam. Someone can lie about being a qualified private investigator. There’s so much that can go wrong here, it’s not even funny. You need to be licenced to be a private detective, so if someone tries to run an investigation and isn’t licensed, they put themselves (and you!) at risk of committing a crime. They can also make the situation much, much worse. If you’re looking in to a cheating partner, and a completely unqualified detective botches the investigation and gets caught, suddenly you’re left having to deal with the aftermath of what’s likely a very angry partner.

The next thing that could go wrong is that they’re a cheapskate. Why is this a problem? Well, being a private investigator is expensive business. The proper licences and insurances like public liability aren’t cheap, but every private investigator needs to have one to cover any risks of the investigation. What happens if your detective doesn’t have these insurance? Believe it or not, it’s likely that it will be you who has to foot the bill! They could also drop leads in avoiding situations that they aren’t licensed in.

Another cost cutting measure that could jeapordise your investigation is being cheap with equipment. For example, night vision goggles are not cheap. Neither are high definition/ high frame rate cameras, or bag cams (for discreet indoor surveillance), night vision lenses, high quality audio recording devices, and then the many hundreds of terabytes needed to store all this high quality footage. Plus, a lot of this equipments needs replacing every 6 – 12 months. If your private investigator is cutting costs on equipment, you may pay less, but all you’ll get is a blurry photo and a shrug as they give an excuse as to why they couldn’t get the footage. What’s the point in paying for an investigator if they can’t get you the proof you need.

Finally, the hardest one to spot; skill set. Just like you’re a better driver now than you were when you were 18, experience and skill plays a big part in an investigation. When you go for an investigator that doesn’t have the qualification, experience and knowledge that a seasoned and professional has, you’re the one who’s going to miss out. A great example is knowing when to use footage. A rookie investigating a cheating partner might try to catch a moment of infidelity on camera. The odds of them catching the moment are slim to none. A skilled detective will know to film the entire exchange so that the vital evidence is videotaped. Then you can freeze on the exact moment. Voila! Theres your evidence.

Some investigators can also fail when it comes to due diligence. Things like keeping a thorough log of the subject’s movements, itemising and keeping an inventory of everything related to the case so that everything is accounted for. This means nothing will get lost, and that when the investigation comes to an end, you know exactly what your money has gone to. At elite investigations, we make sure you receive a thorough breakdown of everything related to your investigation. Our open book policy means there is full accountability of where your money is going.

If someone offered you a brand new mercedes for $5,000, you’d know it’s a scam. Same goes with super cheap private investigators. If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is!

The detectives here at Elite Investigations have the highest degree of knowledge, experience and skill you could ever ask for. We know how to get the job done done in the most thorough and cost effective way so that you get what you’re after. If you need a detective you can trust, and results you can count on, give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email