What We Learned From The Ashley Madison Website Hack

The recent Ashley Madison hack has brought to light some very interesting facts and insights. As professional private detectives, we can team the facts from this exposed data with our industry knowledge to bring you a some cold hard truths about cheating, affairs, and the truth behind the Ashley Madison numbers.

For those that don’t know, Ashley Madison is a website that promotes and enables people wanting to have an affair. People can go on as looking to cheat on their husband or wife, or they can go on looking to have an affair with a married man or woman. The website is meant to be discreet and ensure the privacy of its members, but given how highly controversial the site is, it’s not surprising that someone has tried (and ultimately succeeded) in breaking in and exposing its database of cheaters.

So let’s break it down, here are the top 5 things we found from the leaked Ashley Madison data…

Where you live affects how likely you are to cheat
Based on the data, if you live in a major city, and particularly if you live in a trendier suburb, you’re more likely to cheat. The number of account from inner city and trendy suburbs was significantly higher. Also, there percentage of people who had an account was highest in WA, followed by VIC and QLD (source: We’ve noticed a similar thing in our investigations, people in the big smoke are more likely to be having a sneaky affair on the side.

Some people are careless… others, not so much
In the list of hacked email addresses, a lot of work emails are coming up (including government emails). This shows that some people are really quite naive when it comes to infidelity. These are the people that are easy to catch. They get careless in their infidelity, leading to some easy to follow clues into their behaviour. Others, on the other hand, use anonymous or purpose-built emails that their spouse likely doesn’t even know exists. Your husband or wife could be on the site under an alias, and you’d never know! As private investigators, we come across all sorts when running surveillance on a potential cheating spouse. It really highlights how each and every affair (and cheating partner investigation) is different. It’s not always as easy as searching for their email on a hacked list.

People can talk their way out of anything
Finding out your spouse had an Ashley Madison account may feel like proof, like the damning evidence you need to confront, but our private investigators Sydney/Melbourne have head of all sorts of excuses being trotted out with absolute conviction… it’s an account from before we were together, I joined as a joke, I think one of my mates signed me up as a joke, and more! Sometimes, all online snooping gets you is a bad feeling and a whole lot more lies. It’s probably better to wait until you have hard proof (such as photo or video evidence from a private investigator) before confronting a cheating partner.

Anyone could be a cheating spouse
From devout christians and members of parliament to celebrities and sports stars, all sorts have turned up in the list of exposed Ashley Madison cheaters. This rings very true for us at Elite Investigations. As private detectives, we see so many seemingly loving and devoted husbands, wives, fathers and mothers turn out to be having an affair. No one is immune to cheating.

It’s worse to find out publicly
The Ashley Madison leak may have been a particularly public way of exposing cheaters, but it’s not the only way. People have found out about their cheating spouse because a friend or family member spotted them, or they bump into their spouse in public with another man or woman. Finding out your partner is cheating on you is bad, but finding out in a public way can be so much worse. Don’t risk having your partner’s dirty laundry aired in the street. Find out the truth before it’s too late.

Whether your spouse is on the leaked list or not, you can still never be sure until you have the undisputable proof. Our Sydney/Melbourne private investigators can help you find out the truth. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to finally find out for sure if your husband or wife is cheating on you.

Life is short. Find out about their affair.