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What Is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator or private detective is a professional individual who can be hired to investigate the activities or behaviours of any person, group or entity. Private investigators regularly work for lawyers in civil cases, and the most skilled private investigators work with defence attorneys in criminal defence cases. Many work for insurance companies to […]

Is my teenager normal, or on drugs?

Your beautiful child is now a teenager, and you know that means they’ll become more difficult. But something tells you this is more than just normal youthful rebellion. You suspect they’re mixed up in drugs. The problem is, how can you know for sure? They’re not doing drugs in front of you, and they sure won’t […]

What you get with a cheap private detective

We get it. Hiring a private detective to investigate something you’re worried about is not exactly cheap as chips. And it can be hard to understand why some places are more expensive than others. But when you’re paying for a service, price is often a very good indicator of the quality you’re receiving. Just like […]

Is my partner or child smoking behind my back?

Whether your partner or loved one recently gave up smoking, hasn’t smoked in years or says they’ve never smoked, you might have suspicions that they are secretly hiding a nicotine addiction from you. If you suspect that your partner, child, parent or loved one is keeping their addiction from you, you don’t have to live […]

Cost of a Private Investigator

If you’re thinking of hiring a private investigator, the thought of how much it’s going to cost has probably crossed your mind. You know what you’re after, and you’re fairly sure you’ll get the outcome you want, but you’re concerned about what the bill will run to after the investigation. The good news is, it’s […]

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