6 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Our private investigators of Sydney/Melbourne has compiled a list of things they see crop up all the time when investigating cheating partners. While no two cases are the same, these are some patterns we see in the men and women that we discover are cheating.

1. They’re emotionally withdrawn

In your marriage or partnership, one of the main things you do for each other is provide emotional support. You share your joy, vent your frustrations, and just generally connect emotionally. If your partner is suddenly aloof, unfeeling, and seems to be very distant, this could be an indication that they are taking their emotions elsewhere, or are about to. This could also be an indication of emotional cheating.

2. They give up easily

If your partner suddenly has no fight left in them, it could be an indication that they’ve given up on the relationship. You tell them off, and they shrug off. They promise they’ll do something, then not do it. They just don’t seem to care anymore. Commonly, when someone has ‘checked out’ of the relationship, they no longer care about getting in trouble, about resolving arguments or keeping peace. This apathy can be a real warning sign that something is going on.

3. Social or work habits have changed

Unless they’ve just started a new job or you’ve just moved, a sudden change in hours, number of social outings or routine could be an indication that they are finding time to spend with their lover. Things like staying back late when they never used to, going out drinking with friends when they never used to, or changing something, like driving to work when they used to commute or ‘getting stuck in traffic’ far more than they used to. Basically any sudden change to routine could be an indication that they are spending that time with someone else. This kind of clue is most helpful when investigating your partner, as our detectives focus their investigation and surveillance on these times.

4. Suddenly taking an bigger interest in their appearance

Has she suddenly bought some sexy lingerie and gotten her nails done? Has he started wearing ties and doing his hair? New clothes? New perfume/aftershave? Unless you’ve both suddenly rekindled the romance, chances are they’re doing this for someone else.

5. You’ve caught them out in a lie

The lie may seem harmless, such as they said they drove to the store but they forgot their wallet, but any lie, especially about their whereabouts, is an indication that they are lying to you. And when someone is spinning a web of lies, it can be almost impossible to figure out the truth from the falsehoods. An external party, such as a Sydney/Melbourne private investigator, is usually your best bet in this scenario.

6. They’re suddenly more romatic

This may seem counter-intuitive, but if your partner was never much of a romantic, but they’ve suddenly started buying you flowers and writing you love letters, it could be a guilty conscience or over-compensation because they know they’ve done something wrong.

If you have suspicions about your partner cheating, our detectives can help you find out the truth from amongst the lies. Please call us today to speak with one of our discreet detectives. You deserve to know the truth! Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we can help.