Is My Spouse Cheating? 4 Areas To Investigate To Find Out For Sure

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. This week we’ve had an unusual amount of cheating spouse cases. Surprisingly, the majority have been cheating wives or girlfriends.

As you can imagine, the question each of our clients wants answered is, “Is my spouse cheating?”

After an initial consultation, we go to work and put in place the necessary surveillance and monitoring, to discover the answer to this exact question.

As investigators we’re able to use techniques not available to unlicensed members of the public, but there are 4 main areas you can take a look at to try and uncover the truth for yourself.

Disclaimer: We always recommend you seek professional help from us if you suspect your partner of cheating. This is for legal, financial and emotional reasons — especially if you’re a man with children for custodial reasons. So, please don’t construe the general information on this page as advice for you. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 Body Language

Body language is the non-verbal communication used by us all. It is highly accurate when you can spot clusters of signals. A single piece of body language in isolation may not mean too much but there is always a reason for our behaviour.

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#2 Verbal Clues

When people cheat they have to lie. Lying puts additional cognitive strain on the brain, and this can become evident when people talk. There are lots of surprisingly accurate ways to discover when someone is lying through verbal clues.

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#3 Timing

The biggest problem cheats face is accounting for their time. There’s no way round this. They have to make up stories about what they’ve been up to. Work is a common excuse but there are many more.


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#4 Detecting Lies

There are lots of ways you can detect a lie from someone. Indeed, police the world over look for provable lies when making their cases. With a little education, you can do the same.

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Answering the question, “Is my spouse cheating?” is no easy task, because you’re emotionally invested in the relationship. There are 4 main areas you can look at. If you remain distant from the situation you should be able to get an answer. It’s best for you not to confront your partner. Use a professional to find out for sure.

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Until next week,