The Body Language of Love — 4 Signs He’s Really Into You

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post.

Before you settle down with your new man, you want to know you’re making a good decision and not a huge mistake.

After all, you’re about to invest your time, energy and life with him, and if you get it wrong, it will cost you dearly.

We are frequently called out to conduct a background check people for this purpose. Whether it’s the person in the relationship, or a concerned parent or relative. We check financial history, and aim to discover any dark secrets. As you can imagine, we go deep into that person’s background.

But one of the first things we try to confirm, is does the boyfriend love them? If they do, we know they’re committed to the relationship. If they aren’t, we know there’s something underhand going on.

Below are the 4 main things we look for because they’re difficult to fake for long periods.

Disclaimer: This is for general information only. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 Monkey See Monkey Do

You’ve probably heard the saying “Imitation is flattery.” Well, when someone likes you, their body language will mirror yours. You can check this yourself when you’re speaking with your boyfriend. It’s obvious once you spot it. Look at his posture, his legs, and arms to see if he’s mirroring you.

#2 Look Momma

For a guy to introduce you to his mum is a big thing. It means he’s serious about you and sees your relationship as one which will last. The more of his family he introduces you to, and the more often you see them, the more you can count on him viewing you as “the one.”

#3 How Pointed

“The feet point where the heart wants to go.”

This is an evolutionary thing, based around the fight-or-flight response, and I find it uncannily accurate. Check where his are pointing when he’s talking to you — but not just one isolated chat.

#4 Eye-Smile Greetings

When you see someone you know approaching, your emotions immediately react. Whether you’re happy or sad to see them, your micro-expression will reflect your feelings. These are insanely difficult to spot without the help of video. After the micro-expression, adults take back control and smile. You can check if the smile is real or fake by looking at your boyfriend’s eyes. Eye-smile greetings mean he’s genuinely happy to see you.


To check for these signs, we film couples spending time together as it’s easier to breakdown and show our clients the signs. You can practice spotting the signs yourself, by watching the actions of other couples.

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