4 Easy-to-Miss Signs of a Cheating Wife Every Husband Should Know

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where I’ll talk through four easy-to-miss signs of a cheating wife every husband should know.

The numbers around cheating don’t fare for good news. Depending on which survey’s figures you take, it’s estimated somewhere between 50% and 70% of married women will cheat on their husband at some point. Relationships Australia’s survey shows that women are more likely to engage in an emotional affair than a sexual one, and that men are more hurt when the infidelity is sexual. But emotional affairs can lead to demands for divorce when the wife can no longer be without the guy she now loves.

Even worse, the nature of a wife becoming emotionally disconnected from her husband can feel like the perfect relationship to the husband. And women who are affluent are 8% more likely to do the dirty.

So, beware!

Do you have a perfect relationship and provide well for your wife? Bingo — this can be the very thing which signals something is wrong. Look for these four signs of a cheating wife in your marriage.

Disclaimer: This is general educational information and should not be construed as advice for your particular situation.  For individual help, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page. Everything is treated in the strictest confidence and the first call is free. If you suspect your wife of cheating, instead of confronting her we recommend you seek professional help from us first. This is so the situation can be handled in a calm and unemotional manner, with the appropriate legal advice and is especially important if you have children.

#1 A Place with Space

The intensity of any relationship dwindles over time. After the initial period of spending all your free time together, it’s healthy for a relationship that you have time apart, doing other activities with friends. Couples who do this will usually “catch up” with their partner, filling them in on their friend’s antics, and telling them how they spent their time. In other words, when they’re together, they spend their time together. If you and your wife are at home, are you spending time together? Or does she give you space to do whatever you’re doing? If you’re in this “place of space”, there’s something wrong. And it won’t seem like there is. This cheating wife sign is hard to spot because It will feel like you’re happily married.

#2 Sex Change

If a woman is cheating, this can influence how she acts in bed with her husband. You might read on the internet that a sign of a cheating wife is that she’s either never in the mood for sex, or will want to try new things with you in bed. So, which is it? Both actually.

The likelihood of either of these will be based on her current relationship with you, and how far into the affair she is with her new man. The newer the affair the more likely you are to experience the new moves. The longer the affair, and the more emotionally attached she is to him, probably means you’ll hear, “I’m not in the mood, tonight.”

#3 0% Interest

Let’s face it, women chat more than men, they have increased emotional awareness and they like to know what’s going on. Women ask questions about everything. What you did today. Who someone is. What someone said. And without being asked she’ll tell you all about her day too. What someone did at work. What the boss said. The stories about her day and yours.

So, the sign of cheating to look for is when this stops. Does she show zero percent interest in what’s happening in your life. Because she’s fulfilling this emotional activity elsewhere. Along with “a place of space,” this can seem like the perfect relationship to a guy — men don’t need this type of interaction as much.

#4 Dates with the Girls

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s normal and healthy for couples to spend time apart. But there is a clear sign that there’s something wrong with your relationship, and it’s increased dates with the girls. Like in any affair, a cheating wife has to find time. And it’s common for wives who cheat to use their girlfriends as cover. Things to watch for are new friends she’s never mentioned before and changing the activity she’s doing with her friends. Did she previously show zero interest in going out drinking, but now she’s out three times a week?


Signs of a cheating wife aren’t usually as obvious as you might think. The likelihood is that a woman will cheat emotionally first. This means the warning signs can seem like you’re in relationship bliss. Take heed of these four signs and seek help if you feel something is wrong.

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