Is He Cheating? 4 Ways To Crack His Poker Face!

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Today we’ll be taking a look at male body language signs of nervousness and anxiety.

Your man might display some or all of these signs. Especially if he’s not an accomplished liar and cheat.

Establish a baseline first. Pay attention to his movements when he’s talking with you and is comfortable. Pay even closer attention to what you were talking about when he starts to look nervous. Don’t give anything away. You can confirm suspicions by leaving the subject and coming back to it later.

Disclaimer: This is for general information only. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 The Frozen Classic

Nothing to do with the Disney movie, this is when the freeze-flight-fight instinct kicks in. He can’t run from you, he’s not going to fight you, and so he freezes. Many liars don’t move a muscle as they think it attracts attention to them and their lies.

#2 Lock Em Up

The feet always provide big body language clues. Locked ankles are another remnant of the freeze response, a significant sign of anxiety. Are his feet are pointing away from you? That’s his flight response, and he’d sure like to get out of there!

#3 The Rub Away

Whenever someone soothes themselves, you can be sure they need the comfort. This manifests in many ways. Touching the face. Stroking the back of the hand, the arm or leg. Rubbing the neck.

#4 The White Out

Look down while you’re talking to him. Is he gripping something so tightly that his knuckles have gone white? That’s the white out effect. It could be the arm of a chair, a grip on a mug of coffee, or even his phone. Relaxed people don’t grip things this hard.


A check of a man’s body language can quickly indicate his level of nervousness. Does he look comfortable or is he fidgeting and unsettled?

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