“Written All Over You” : 5 Body Language Signs Of A Cheat

Hey there, Steve here and in this week’s private eye post we take a look at some common body language signals of a cheating partner.

Disclaimer: A cheating partner may display some, all or even none of these signs. Equally, someone who isn’t cheating might show these signals. You have to take body language signs in context, and some of these signs point to discomfort. This might not be due to cheating but something else. If you’re in doubt just use our cheating partner service. Use the live chat on this page or call us. Your first call is free and may just set your mind at rest.

#1 The PDA No-No

Has your significant other stopped the public displays of affection? No more kissing in public. No more holding hands. No more arms around shoulders. This could be because they don’t want their lover to see them showing affection for you. This might not be all the time but only manifest when the other person is around. Keep an eye out for it.

#2 The ‘Splays’ Of Affection

From displays to ‘splays’. If your man is ‘splaying’ his legs in an alpha male way (much more than he would usually), then this can be a sign of an affair taking place. It’s natural instinct for guys to do this more when they’re getting flattery and interest.

#3 The Lack of Touch

Has your partner stopped touching you? I don’t mean public displays of affection. I mean the frequent little touches people in relationships do all the time. It’s natural human instinct and lets the other person ‘know you’re there.’ When it’s gone, it’s a sure sign of trouble.

#4 More Caressing Gestures

When humans lie we have a range of different body language signs. It’s difficult to tell exactly what one person will do, compared with another. Some people stare with good eye contact, some look away. Other people may touch their nose, while others might not move a muscle. But something most people do is caress themselves. This provides them with comfort when they’re talking crap. It can be a touch of the nose, a touch of the upper lip, a touch of the back of their arm, or stroking their leg. A good way to ascertain whether this is happening is to talk to your partner when you know they have no reason to lie. Use your peripheral vision and take in what their baseline is. Then compare this to when you suspect them of lying. Any differences?

#5 Foot Shy

Shows like ‘Lie to Me’ focus on micro-expressions in the face. And there’s been substantial research done in this area. The only problem is some people’s micro-expressions are extremely quick, making it hard to see them without recording a video and playing it back slowly. Feet, however, are much more reliable. This is an easy one to ‘practice’ too. Whenever you see groups of people, do some people watching from a distance. Just check out where their feet are pointing and see if you can tell what’s going on. Then if you find your partner’s feet are pointing to someone else and not you, you know there’s a problem.

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