Confession Time – How Cheating Partners Try To Tell You They’re Doing The Dirty

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Last week’s post was so popular (the body language of cheats), I thought it would be a good idea to a similar type of article. Today, I’ll I go through the verbal signals of cheats.

All cheats lie. They may not always need to tell a direct lie, but they must account for the time they spend with the other person. All but the most accomplished of liars give off verbal clues when they aren’t telling the truth. Once you know what to listen for you’ll be able to decipher the “liars code.” You can easily combine what you hear, with what you see from the body talk.

By that point, you the CIA might want to hire you as a human lie detector 🙂

Disclaimer: The average person is lied to hundreds of times each day. Without training our lie spotting accuracy is about 50%. In other words, about the same as a guess. So, please consider this article as general educational information only. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page — your first call is free and handled in the strictest of confidence.

Easy-To-Spot Clues

The easiest verbal clues to spot are the ones where you only have to think about the content of the words. The ultimate sin here, of course, is when your partner calls you by a different name when you’re making love. But men are sometimes pretty stupid too — check out these dumb verbal clues.

5 ‘Dumb’ Verbal Clues From Men Who Cheat

OK, he didn’t say her name while you were having sex, but what does it mean if he mentions a new woman’s name at some other time? Well, it could be significant. Find out why, and listen for these dead-giveaways…

Look at point #3 in the following post. Does your partner always seem to making these types of excuses?

Slightly-Harder-To-Spot Signs

Sometimes it’s not the actual words, but what they actually talk about, or what they don’t say. Plus add in some sentence length and verbal clues and you’re really starting to dig deeper.

Caught Red-Handed: 5 Verbal Clues To Detecting Deceit In Men Who Cheat

Check out #4 — The “Tell-Me-All” — it’s a BIG clue he might be way too close to your best friend…

Cheating Scandal – 7 Signs He’s “Too Close” To Your Best Friend

If your girl is giving you #1 — The Shutdown — then you should be worried…find out more in the post below…

Straying Alert: 5 Signs Your Girl Is Going Elsewhere

Hard-To-Spot Signs

OK, now we’re going to the next level stages. You might need a fair amount of practice to get good at spotting some of these:

Are They Cheating? How To Become A Human Lie Detector.

Spotting the signs it’s about to happen are the hardest ones of all…


There’s too much going on in our brains for us to be able to lie without giving off any clues. Unless your partner has been trained by security services, there will always be a code you can decipher. Take time to practice really listening to everything people say, and how they say it. If you’re average, and being lied to hundreds of times each day, you’re sure to get the practice you need.

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