Straying Alert: 5 Signs Your Girl Is Going Elsewhere

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’ll be taking a look at those subtle (or not so subtle) signs of a straying girlfriend.

Don’t be under any illusions. The ladies are just as likely to cheat on their partner as men. In fact, we get a 50/50 call rate between the two. And while there are many similarities in cheating partners of both sexes, the signs below are much more prevalent in a cheating woman than a cheating man.

Disclaimer: Individual display of none, some or all of these signs doesn’t necessarily indicate whether that particular person is or isn’t cheating. These are what we as investigators see in a large percentage of cheating cases. Therefore, this information is provided as general information only. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 The Shutdown
Let’s face it; girls like to share everything. They’re busy telling everyone what they’re up to and catching us guys up on all the latest gossip. If this has dried up, then you’re the subject of what we call ‘The Shutdown’. It’s a good indication that something is wrong. After all, if she’s not talking to you, who is she telling this stuff to?

#2 Not Feeling It
Similar to ‘the shutdown’ but with a slight variation. You still get some of the ‘chat’ but it’s just the bare detail rundown, and something seems to be missing. The bit that’s missing is how all of this makes her feel. Beware, it’s much more common for girls to cheat emotionally first, before physically cheating. Get to the bottom of this pronto.

#3 Drastic Fantastic
The new hairstyle. The latest clothes and one big makeover. Worried? You may well want to be. It’s highly common for both men and women to take a significantly lifted interest in their physical appearance when they’re going astray. As women emotionally cheat first, this may just be the big wake up call you need.

#4 Never In The Mood
For girls especially, if they’re suddenly off sex, and there are no good reasons for this, then there’s likely a problem.

#5 Phone insecurity
Both sexes are guilty of this one. Does the lady of your life keep her phone within arms reach all the time? Do they go out of the room to answer messages or take calls? Phone insecurity is a big giveaway that something is going on. Look out for it. It’s there in almost every cheating case.

It’s crucial for you not to confront your partner if you think something is happening. Emotional outbursts can have dire consequences, especially if there are children involved. Hire us and find out for sure. Then you can make a rational decision on how best to proceed.

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Until next week,