4 Subtle Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post, where we’ll talk through 4 subtle signs of cheating in a relationship. Discovering your partner is cheating on you is no laughing matter. Although many men and women have entertained the idea of cheating at some point, we all believe cheating is immoral. Infidelity is the leading cause of both divorce and spousal homicide. It’s no laughing matter.

Many people delude themselves that they will spot the signs of cheating if it happens to them. Usually they can’t, unless their partner gives them an obvious sign.

Disclaimer: The signs below are indicators of cheating in a high number of situations, but they are not 100% accurate. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page. It’s best you find out from us that your partner is cheating so all emotion can be removed from the situation. That way you can make positive decisions about your future and take advice from a lawyer if necessary. This is especially true if you have children. Your first call is free and treated in the strictest confidence.

#1 Family Time Vanishing

It’s normal for parents to want to spend as much family time together with the kids as they can. Typically, these types of activities are the highest of priorities. Even presidents and billionaires with with tremendous responsibilities ensure they get their family time. While every person balances their work and family life differently, if they stop attending family events, there is cause for concern.


#2 Unexpected Gifts

Has hubby started buying you gifts for no apparent reason? A “just because” gift. This can be a sure-fire sign that he’s feeling guilty about something. It might be that he’s been working long hours for a few weeks and hasn’t spent much time with you. Or it could be much more sinister.

#3 Escalation Nation

One of the signs of cheating is the cheat being irritable. This can lead to arguments over the smallest of things. Of course, there can be many reasons behind irritability, and couples argue when in healthy relationships. But if they are quick to talk about the end of the relationship during an argument, this can mean they have another option lined up.

#4 No More Date Night.

Date night is your night together. A sacrosanct time. The place to forget about the rest of the world. An intimate focus on just the two of you. What does it say when it disappears? If “other things” have a higher priority than your relationship? I’m not talking about the rare, one-off time where something unexpected crops up. I am talking about when there’s been no date night for 4 weeks for no good reasons. Or, more likely, they regularly end date night early for some other commitment.

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