Caught Red-Handed: 5 Verbal Clues To Detecting Deceit In Men Who Cheat

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. When working on a cheating partner investigation, we always ‘hear’ signs of cheating.

These signs can be tricky to identify to the untrained ear but with a little practice, you can become much more adept at spotting them.

So, in this week’s post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 verbal slips made by men who cheat.

#1 – It’s All About Me

You know the word that everyone likes to hear? Everyone loves the sound of their own name. And when people describe something that’s happened to them, they replace their name with an “I”.

I went to the bookstore. I ran into John. I went for a drink at the tavern. I was at work until 6.30pm because I had to get a report done.

People telling lies try and distance themselves from the lie. They avoid saying the word “I”.

It’s tax time and so everyone had to stay and work late tonight.

The boss bought everyone a drink at the tavern.

You get the idea.

#2 – Double Q’s

For some reason, liars don’t like coming out and outright lying. They prefer to avoid blatant lies. And so, you get the ‘Double Q’.

Answering a question with another question.

Why would you think that? Do you really think I’d be that stupid?

If you listen you’ll hear these every time someone is lying.

#3 – Weak Language

There are many ways liars use weak language depending on the specific grammar they’re using. Rather than get into the grammar itself, all you need to look for is what we call ‘weak language.’

A liar will say things like: guess, figure, more or less, sort of, mainly, about, kind of, suppose, think etc…

The thought process of the liar is they can later claim they didn’t say something with certainty.

#4 – Intimate Details

Have you ever noticed that when someone is describing something to you they include a heap of details that really have no consequence to the story they’re telling? They’ll tell you what the weather was like, the clothes they were wearing, what drink they ordered and so on.

But when someone is lying there are no superfluous details. Liars are afraid that if they include them, then there’s more chance of them being caught out. (Because they would have to make them up.)

#5 – Ten To Fifteen

Did you know you can measure if someone is lying to you?

The average person will speak in sentences of between 10 and 15 words. Liars will speak in much shorter or much longer sentences.

The best way to measure is by recording someone when you know they aren’t lying and comparing it to when you think they are. You’d be surprised how different they are. This can be a very reliable method of confirming suspicions.

So, there you have my top 5 verbal slips made by men who cheat.If you suspect your partner of cheating, use our live chat or call us about our cheating spouse service.

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