Cheating Scandal – 7 Signs He’s “Too Close” To Your Best Friend

Hey there, Steve here with this week’s ‘private eye’ post, which is all about the classic scandal and the ultimate betrayal. When a man cheats with your best friend, it obliterates two relationships, leaving a wake of devastation. Look out for these 7 signs which can indicate there may be something going on.

Disclaimer: As always, nothing is 100% and your man, or your best friend may display some of the signs, or none of the signs, whether they’re cheating or not.

#1 The ‘Must Invite’

Things are going great. Your man is well-received by your friends and family, and life couldn’t be better. Then you make a plan with your man. And he ‘almost’ insists you invite your bestie. WTF?

#2 The ‘Friends No More’

You’ve seen quite a lot of your friends in the past few weeks and months. And your man hasn’t complained a single time. In fact, you were under the impression he quite liked your friends, and they liked him too. Only now, he’s saying to keep some distance. Why’s that you ask? Well, it might be because he wants to spend time with one of them alone. Sometimes, he’ll even ask you to distance yourself or say you should no longer be friends.

#3 The ‘One Too Many’

Nobody likes being the 3rd wheel. Have you ever looked at a group of three, and instantly recognised the one who doesn’t really belong? It’s easy to do, isn’t it? Now imagine looking from the outside at your group. Would you say it’s you? You really shouldn’t be the ‘one too many’ in your group of 3.

#4 The ‘Tell Me All’

Most men couldn’t care less about your friends stories, and day-to-day life. Usually, the complaint is that men talk about themselves far too much and don’t pay attention. So, if he shows a heap of interest in your BFF, you really have to ask why. If he starts asking about her previous relationships, it’s a big indicator he’s seriously into her.

#5 The ‘Inside’ Man

In every relationship there are the inside jokes. They materialise from establishing common ground and shared experiences. But your man shouldn’t have inside jokes with your ‘bestie’ that you’re not a part of. If he does, where did they come from? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

#6 The ‘Get Together’

Imagine your surprise to find out your man and your best friend, made plans and got together without you being there. Or, perhaps they make the arrangement in front of you. It doesn’t matter, it’s plain wrong.

#7 The Disappearing Act

Would you want to spend time with your friend if you were dating her man on the side? Of course you wouldn’t. So, if your friend has been spending lots of time with you and your man, and then suddenly vanishes from the face of the earth, it can be a huge sign of something underhand happening.

Summary: Cheating scandals involving a best friends is common, and the signs are usually there. Gut instinct is the recognition of these types of signals, and if yours is going haywire, then you likely have cause for concern. Rather than accuse the two people in your life who currently mean the most, use our cheating partner service to find out for sure. That way no harm is done if nothing is happening. Your first call is completely free – or use the live chat feature on this page.

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