Caught on tape – Could your partner be the next video cheating scandal?

You may have heard of the New Zealand worker who was videotaped cheating on his wife in his office. This kind of embarrassing scenario hitting worldwide news is rare, but marital affairs becoming very public is not. If you ignore your suspicions, or think ‘I don’t want to know’, you put yourself at risk of finding out in a very public and embarrassing way.

This cheating couple and the man’s poor wife are facing an extreme worst case scenario. Their affair has been all over the news, and we all know the sordid details: while doing the deed in his office building, he didn’t realise they were in full view of the pub across the road. People in the pub taped the cheating couple and posted the footage all over the internet. And that’s exactly how the wife found out. This is obviously a horrific way to find out. Imagine how she felt, seeing her husband cheating on her with another women, and knowing that this footage has been seen by so many people, including people that know her? It’s a horrible way to find out.

And yet, this sort of thing happens all the time. Maybe not on the world stage, but friends and family might spot your cheating partner and send you a picture. Your partner’s lover could cause a scene, showing up at a family function. Your husband or wife might make a very public confession. Someone you know could find pictures of them on the internet. These are just a handful of the many scenarios in which an affair becomes public.

It’s even worse if the affair is happening at work. Like the New Zealand man and his mistress, people can form strong bonds at work which can eventually grow into a romantic relationship. It’s a cliche, but if your husband or wife is suddenly working long hours, talks about a specific colleague a lot or won’t talk about his or her colleagues at all, it could be an indication the he or she is having an affair at work. Maybe has a very attractive secretary or boss that you have a bad feeling about. Whatever it is, if you suspect something, it’s better to find out the truth yourself so you can deal with the situation in private, rather than have it come to a head in public and become an embarrassing scene.

You may think it’ll never happen to you, but I’m sure that’s what the wife of the cheating Christchurch man was thinking too. Until she saw it all over Facebook…

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