Up to 600% return on fraud investigation!

Are you worried about fraud in your business? Anyone who has worried about whether they’re being defrauded has wondered if it’s worth hiring a private detective to run an investigation into the suspicious party. Well, wonder no more! The Australian Institute of Criminology has investigated, and given private investigators the seal of approval.

In the Australian Institute of Criminology publication No. 234: The Role of Private Investigators and Commercial Agents in Law Enforcement, they quote that

“for every dollar spent on an investigation, between $3 and $6 are saved in uncovering fraud”.
Adam Graycar

That makes the return on investment for a private investigator anywhere from 300% to 600%!

Their report also outlines why investigators have, since the 1980s, started to step up as fraud became more and more common.

“Increasing competition and frustration with the level of suspected fraud led to a well organised system of claims assessment and referral of suspect claims to investigators.”

It’s scary to think, but if you’re suspecting that someone in your business is undertaking in fraudulent activity, chances are you’re losing money by not running an investigation. A private detective can run surveillance and investigate the potentially fraudulent employee or partner, and save you money in the long run!

Another trend identified in the report is that businesses can lean on the skills, equipment and expertise of private detectives to help prevent or discover fraudulent activity.

“Businesses are turning to private investigators to undertake electronic countermeasures (debugging), liability investigations, workplace investigations into theft or harassment, and pre-employment checks.”

With the plethora of tools and equipment private investigators have, we can really get you the proof you need to save your business losing money to fraud. It’s hard to make that leap from suspicion to action, but remember, every moment the fraud goes uncovered is more money you’re losing that you will likely never recover. Stop the leaking tap of fraud in your business.

If you suspect your hard earned money is being stolen from you, don’t let the fraudster get away with it! Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be the best investment you’ve ever made!