Why snooping is never worth it…

In this age of technology, it feels like you can do a lot of things yourself. With a bit of googling and a few cheap items from eBay it can feel like anything, even surveillance and investigation, is something you can do yourself. However, the consequences could be worse than you thought, from simply failing to achieve your objective to jail time! Here our private investigators give you a run down of the minefield that is DIY investigations.

So you think someone is hiding something from you. Maybe you’re worried your partner is cheating on you. Maybe you suspect your business partner is stealing money, or maybe you’re worried that your teenager is doing drugs with his or her new group of friends. Whatever the situation, you should trust your instincts that something is up, and you definitely need to  know the truth. But how can you get it?

You may think you can snoop around and do your own ground work, but nine times out of ten you’ll end up facing one or more of the following issues.

You’re breaking the law

This may seem extreme, but any spying, snooping, tracking or following someone against their will is very much illegal! Yes, that even means going through their iphone. We’ve covered this topic before about how it’s illegal to spy on someone, but we can’t stress this enough. You could end up in jail! The person you are ‘investigating’ (translation: spying on) has every right to press charges against you for invading their privacy. And to be honest, once they find out you’ve been spying on them, they’ll probably be mad enough to do it. It’s just not worth the risk.

You have no proof

Without the expensive, high tech and well maintained equipment that our private investigators use, you’re likely to not be able to capture the quality footage of the indiscretion that you’re searching for. This means that, when the time comes to confront the person you’re suspicious of, all you’ll likely have is your word and a blurry iPhone photo. Also, anything you have will be completely useless in any legal proceedings, as it will have been obtained illegally (see point one!). On the other hand, a specially trained private detective will be able to get high definition footage (photo and video), a detailed and thorough time log of what happened and where, and you will be able to use anything provided by them in court.

You lose the trust and respect of your partner

This one may not seem like a big one, but if you’re wrong, the issue isn’t as bad as you first thought, you confront them and they have a good explanation, or if you get caught, if you’ve been the one doing the snooping, this leaves a more emotional impression on them. If you decide you want to reconcile with them, the chances of that happening will drop, as they will always have the doubt in their mind that you may be snooping in their private affairs. Instead, hiring a private investigator removes the personal aspect and makes it much easier for them to trust you again, should you chose to reconcile.

You’ll probably get caught

We’re not going to beat around the bush here. Without the training, experience and equipment, your chance of success in DIY surveillance and investigations is slim to none. Add in the fact that it’s so personal means that you’re too close to the situation to be fully objective, and emotions are likely to sabotage you before you even get started. Trust us, if it were that easy to investigate people, everyone would be a private eye.


So don’t put yourself at risk of any of these horrible consequences. Call in a professional private detective to run your investigation and surveillance and get the results without the risk. Call us today on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be able to help.