If Game of Thrones had Private Investigators

As we wait eagerly for the new season of Game of Thrones, it’s fun to imagine how the Game of Thrones universe might be different with different scenarios (say, you take the place of Daenerys Targaryen). Here at Elite Investigations, we like to imagine what it would be like if a few of the characters hired one of our investigators…
(Warning: Spoilers!)

The Starks Wouldn’t have lost their home
It seems crazy that the Starks and their kin weren’t able to defend Winterfell, but even crazier is that they didn’t know what their adoptive son Theon was getting up to. They didn’t think that, in sending him back home, he might conspire with his birth father and turn on the Starks? A simple case of surveillance by a qualified detective would have noted Theon’s trickery behind their back, giving them the information they need to protect themselves from a traitorous son. The detectives of Elite Investigations have followed many a rogue teenager, although maybe not as treacherous as young Theon. Still, they would’ve gotten the photographic and video evidence to the Starks in time to protect Winterfell.

The Lannisters would’ve found Arya immediately
If the Lannisters are so smart, why couldn’t they locate Arya? They sent their nights searching, but if they had hired a private investigator, it would’ve been a completely different story. With years of experience finding lost relatives, friends or missing persons, it would’ve been a snap finding the sole air to the Stark house. With skills in tracking, locating and identifying people who you want to find, it would’ve been in the Lannisters best interest to hire a professional here and locate this very important person. Who knows what they would’ve done with that information? We’re sure it would’ve changed a few things.

John Snow wouldn’t have needed to go undercover
It’s no surprise that John Snow was willing to go undercover to find out the secrets of the wildlings. He’s very brave and loyal to his fellow night watchmen. HOwever, it wouldn’t have been necessary if they had access to the fine private investigators Sydney/Melbourne has to offer. We detectives at Elite Investigations could’ve put our surveillance skills to good use, following the wildlings, gaining the footage evidence needed of their activities and reported back to the Night’s Watch without any of them having to risk venturing beyond the wall. It’s results and convenience like that that can change the course of your fate!

Everyone would’ve found out about Jamie and Cersei’s affair almost immediately
If you have suspicions about your partner cheating, you know your best bet of finding out is with a private investigator. If a little boy climbing a tower can find out, you can bet the detectives at Elite Investigations would’ve been able to uncover their secret love affair! If anyone in the whole of Westeros had thought to hire a private detective, instead of just whispering rumours, the truth would’ve been discovered after a simple bout of discreet surveillance. That’s true detective work for you!


Our detectives can help you get the necessary proof or peace of mind, whether you’re in Westeros or a more balmy and civilised Sydney/Melbourne. If you have your suspicions, please call us today to speak with one of our discreet detectives. We have the highest degree of experience and skill, and know how to get you the truth while keeping your suspicions completely private. If you have doubts about a potential cheating partner or spouse, are worried about youth getting into mischief behind your back, or looking to find a long lost relative, give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be able to help you, whatever house you come from!