Help! Someone Found My Sex Tape!

If you, like a certain Kardashian, have made a tape of yourself of a sexual nature, but, unlike the lovely Kim, don’t want to have it make its rounds on the internet, here are some things you should know, and some tips on what you can do if your secret tape is ever found out!

Deleting it doesn’t remove all traces
You might think that just deleting the raunchy video means it’ll never see the light of day again, but in our ever-connected digital world, there’s always a risk that it won’t be gone without a trace. Cloud storage, like iCloud, means copies may exist on remote company servers, which means they are still on the internet, just waiting to be found.

You can’t trust anyone with it
You may think your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or celebrity mentor (hi Kimy K!) would never do something like leaking your private footage. Unfortunately, time and time again we see instances of things coming to light during break ups, or maybe even by mistake. It’s better to keep it in your hands only.

If someone is threatening to expose you, you can do something about it
Despite what many people think, the internet does not make you completely anonymous. We are not faceless online, and anything someone does online can be traced back to them via their ‘digital footprint’. A Sydney/Melbourne investigator can put a face and a name to any cyber bullying and threatening online behaviour, including threats to leak your saucy sexy time tape. If someone is sending you threatening emails or messages, a private detective Sydney/Melbourne can use a specific set of tools to identify and locate the culprit.

How, you might ask? Email tracking and IP (Internet Protocol) tracing are an effective way to investigate a situation that has come up online. A detective can use specialist software and know how to trace the perpetrator’s unique IP address and discover the person’s location and identity. Because each IP is linked to a physical location, it’s become a very useful tracking tool used across a number of investigation, from criminal investigations and anti-piracy operations to tracking down insidious and threatening online bullies and trolls.

Even if the person is clever enough to not use their personal computer, we can often use aptterns of behavious to find the person we suspect is committing this illegal expose. You can then use a range discrete surveillance to catch them in the act, giving you the ability to press charges.

It still counts as bullying
A lot of people think, well, it’s my fault for making it in the first place. While it can be easy to think that the recording of your bootay, once online, is public property, you must remember that it is most definitely not! Your private property is yours to decide what to do with. Cyber stalkers and cyber bullies are in the wrong here, and it’s important not to let them get away with it. Don’t take it lightly. With a private investigator by your side, you can track down the culprit and take it further.

Still not sure?
Not sure if you want to have a detective investigate the matter? Well, have you thought of just starting a reality TV show off the back of it and becoming a multi millionaire? No? OK, you’re right. That’s silly. I’m sure that’s never happened before…

Think of it this way, if you sit back and do nothing, you’re giving yourself zero chance of having the culprit caught, and you give the offender 100% chance of getting away with it. It’s your sex tape.. it’s your choice.

If you’re being threatened with having secret files leaked against your will, our investigators are here to help. Our discrete detectives can help track down the offending party and give you a chance to bring them to justice. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be able to track your hacker!