Is It OK To Check Your Partner’s Background?

For a Sydney/Melbourne private investigator, doing a background check on a new boyfriend or girlfriend is just a normal thing to do. Investigators do background checks every day – it’s the first step in any new job. Any good private detective wouldn’t think twice about running this check, because what harm can it do if nothing is found? And if something shady is detected, well, it’s better to know now.

So why is it different for people who aren’t private investigators or detectives? For your normal Sydney/Melbourne retail assistant, doctor or teacher, it probably wouldn’t occur to them to have a background check done on their new partner or fiancée. And if it did occur to them, they might feel bad for even considering it, as it shows a lack of trust in their boyfriend/girlfriend or future spouse.

Well, we’re here to say that a little less trust and a lot more information is the better way to go!

Sure, your partner might not like the idea that you hired a private investigator to run a check on their history, but our confidentiality agreement protects you – they won’t find out from us. As long as you are careful with the information we provide you, you can get yourself answers and peace of mind, without rocking the relationship boat.

Another reason to consider getting a private detective to run a background check for you is that we have access to a great many resources only available to licensed detectives. A professional detective is also legally protected from charges that can be laid against a private citizen, such as stalking, if you are caught trying to do your own research.

Think about it this way: how much time and effort would you put into buying a new house? It’s something you’ll be seeing every day, sleeping with at night, and you hope it will last the test of time.

Before you make any serious commitment, you call in the engineers to check the foundations, test for termites, and identify rot and other drawbacks of the investment.

So what if a nasty secret is slowing nibbling away at your new fiancée? No need to labour the point here. Call in a private investigator Sydney/Melbourne, and make sure you know what you are getting into.

Another less pleasant but also very pressing concern is that a background check could uncover any infidelity, either in their history or in your current relationship. No one likes to own up to being a cheater, but it is something you want to know. If your partner has omitted information like this, or has lied to you about it outright, then it’s time to start seriously questioning your relationship. While no private investigator wants to be a home-breaker, again, it is better to know before you get married to a serial cheater.

Sometimes though, people don’t think to ask certain questions, or there are topics your fiancée refuses to discuss, like any abuse they experienced as a child, or any former financial hardship. Though it may seem invasive, it is important to know things like this, so that when you face challenges together in the future, you can understand why your partner is acting a certain way. For example, do they get freaked out at the thought of being without a steady income? Or do they have unresolved issues regarding parenthood?

A background check conducted by a private investigator Sydney/Melbourne would cover all the elements that make a person who they are, including their work history, family history, educational history and financial history. By having this important information about your partner or fiancée, you can feel secure moving forward in your relationship.