How You Know If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’re going to cover four of the major signs that will answer the question, “How you know if your girlfriend is cheating.”

All cheating means a terrible feeling for the person who is being cheated on. The signs we’re covering today are much more likely to be displayed by a cheating girlfriend compared with a cheating wife who is having an affair and doesn’t intend to leave her husband.

Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


#1 Dressed Up But For Who?

A change of appearance is common for all cheaters. If your girlfriend usually hangs around in a t-shirt and comfy pants but is now donning skirts and high-heels, you have to wonder who she’s trying to impress with all this effort.

It’s especially notable if she changes her hairstyle with a new type of cut, and starts taking much better care in her personal grooming habits.


#2 Where Did Her Friends Go?

When it comes to cheating girlfriends, a big giveaway is if you find she’s more time with her friends and you’re never invited.

It’s likely her friends will know what she’s up to and would feel uncomfortable around you. She won’t want to put them in that position.

Also, she will be using her friends to cover up her affair. Using them as an excuse means she can make the time for her new partner.

If you haven’t seen her friends for a while, but you used to do so frequently, and you know your girlfriend has been catching up with them, you should be suspicious.

By contrast, a cheating wife is less likely to tell her friends and use them in this way.


#3 No More “Team Dreams”

Verbal clues are reliable predictors of infidelity.

Listen closely to the exact words your girlfriend uses when she talks. This type of analysis is called “Statement Analysis” and is so accurate that there are people who do this as a profession, often in legal situations.

An example would be if she is using the word “I” much more than “we”. Especially when discussing future plans, or things she wants to do. In other words, her future dreams are not about you and her, they’re now just about her.

That means in her mind she is dismissing the possibility of you being included in her plans. It’s exactly the sort of thing she might do if she was moving on with someone else.

You can read more about Statement Analysis and its accuracy here


#4 Distance Separation

When someone cheats, it feels uncomfortable to be around them. For this reason, many cheating girlfriends will attempt to find ways to separate themselves by distancing from their boyfriends.

For example, has she started going to bed earlier or later to avoid being with you? Does she frequently turn up late for your lunch date, so she spends less time with you? Does she always seem like she has to go somewhere, or do something else when you’re together?

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