Fooled You! 5 Easily-Missed Signs Of A Cheating Partner

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Fooled You! 5 Easily-Missed Signs Of A Cheating Partner

Steve here, and welcome to this week’s private eye post on easily-missed signs of a cheating partner.

The majority of clients who contact us about a cheating partner are simply under the impression something is wrong. It’s their gut instinct kicking in. They’re unsure why they feel this way but they just know something isn’t right.

The signs in this post are easily overlooked but any one of them can be cause for investigations. Remember: some cheats have affairs for years without their partners being aware anything is wrong.

1. Addition Of New Routine

The longer you’ve known your partner the easier this is to spot. Potentially. The addition of a new routine, such as staying an extra hour at work on a Thursday every week, could be the first clue you have to something going on.

2. Failure To Respond

We’re all contactable all the time. Is your other half usually quick to answer your calls, or reply to your texts? If this is a one-off occurrence, then it may be nothing to worry about. But you’d be wise to check by attempting contact at the same time the following week.

3. Make Plans Without You

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you make plans with your partner. Usually, there’s never a need to confirm something without their input. OK, it may happen once in a blue moon.

4. Snap Easily

Has your spouse snapped at you for no apparent reason? If they have, there’s definitely something wrong. It might not be an affair but there’s obviously something distracting them. If it continues to happen then you’d be wise to investigate further.

5. No Compromise

Relationships are about compromise. If there’s no quarter given from your partner, then the relationship is one-sided. This is a problem even if there’s no affair.

The usual cause is a loss of love for the other person, which is why this can be a significant indication of something going on behind your back.

6. No Inside Jokes

We all have inside jokes we share with our friends and loved ones. Has he stopped sharing inside jokes with you? Or perhaps he doesn’t find them funny anymore?

Major issue! Something is very wrong and it could be because he has a new mistress.

7. Eye Behaviour

If you learn about body language, you’ll pick up information about eye behaviour. Some will say looking away while talking to you means a lie. Some will say staring is a sure-fire sign of lying. What you need is a baseline. What does this particular person do when they’re talking to you?

The police do this routinely. They ask innocent questions first. Your name and address. What you’ve been doing in the days and hours leading up to the event they really want to question you about. Cameras record your every movement and when they start asking more probing questions they can tell if you change how you normally respond.

You can do the same.

You don’t even need to ask heaps of questions like the police do. Because you already know how your partner responds to you. So, when it’s different there must be a reason why right?


In Summary:

Adulterers have to make changes to their lives to accommodate the person they’re cheating with. They’re both physical and mental changes and it’s these changes which give rise to the ‘symptoms’ outlined above.

If you need our help, don’t hesitate to call. The first call is free and one of our highly trained team will give you a free appraisal and cost estimate. Learn more about our cheating spouse investigations service.

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Until next week, Steve

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