Is Your Partner Cheating? Take The ‘Gut Instinct’ Quiz

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s ‘private eye’ post.

Today we take a look at some of the questions I might ask if you engaged Elite Investigations’ cheating spouse service.

So, typically a client will tell us that they think their partner is up to something. Usually, it’s intuition that’s telling them something is wrong. They aren’t sure why but deep down they have their suspicions.

Of course, when I’m speaking with someone, I can ask open-ended questions such as ‘When did you first begin to think something was wrong and why?’

Obviously, I can’t do that on a web page, so I’ll use questions where you can answer a simple yes or no.

The questions are based on what’s normal for you and your partner. It’s change which is the catalyst for concern.

If you find yourself answering yes to more than a couple of these, get in touch with us – the first call is free and may set your mind at rest.

OK, let’s dive in…(questions are in no particular order)

  1. Has your partner made changes to their usual routine?
  2. Has your partner made changes to their appearance?
  3. Has your partner deleted internet browsing history?
  4. Has your partner deleted text message history?
  5. Are you spending less time with your partner?
  6. Does your partner seem emotionally distant?
  7. Does your partner shower immediately upon returning home?
  8. Is your partner talking about a new woman in his life?
  9. Has your partner found a new hobby?
  10. Has your partner recently started a new exercise regime?
  11. Is your partner taking longer to run ‘errands’?
  12. Is your partner secretive or vague about how they spend their time?
  13. Does your partner feel emotionally distant from you?
  14. Has your sex life changed considerably – either lots more or lots less?
  15. Is your partner spending a lot of time with his ex?
  16. Has your partner accused you of cheating?
  17. Has your partner started blaming you for things?
  18. Is your partner always ready to argue with you?
  19. Is your partner avoiding spending time with you alone?
  20. Does your partner look anxious when you are talking?
  21. Do you find your partner no longer finds your shared insider jokes funny?

And the last one…

In your heart of hearts, do you think your partner is cheating on you?

If you have answered yes to some of these, especially the last one, please don’t feel isolated. Get in touch with me by using the live chat, or calling us on 1300 721 715.

All of my team members will hold your call in the strictest of confidence and treat you with the compassion you deserve.