Skip Tracing — Finding Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Found

Skip tracing means finding someone who doesn’t want to be found.

The term originates from tracking down someone who “skipped town”.

Missing person investigations can be highly similar in nature. The key difference with skip tracing is the intention of not being found.

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions…


Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


How Does A Skip Tracing Investigation Work?

When you hire Elite Investigations, the first thing we’ll do is collect all of the information we can find about that individual. Besides telling us everything you know, we’ll also access public and private database information.

Our experienced team of skip tracing investigators will sift through this information and identify the best way to proceed. They will take into account speed, probability of a successful result, and cost.


Who Makes Use Of Our Skip Tracing Service?

Skip tracing is not usually a pleasant scenario. (Unlike missing persons, where you may be reuniting long-lost family members.)

Most of the time we get hired by lawyers who are seeking someone who has committed fraud, left a pile of debt, is involved in divorce/family court matters, or is in the process of being sued for some negligent or criminal act.

But anyone can make use of the service. You may need to find someone who owes you money, or a tradesman who has left you high and dry, for example.


How Much Will A Skip Tracing Investigation Cost?

As you can likely imagine, it’s difficult to say what any individual investigation is going to cost. We need to know the complexity of the case and the depth of work involved.

Equally, we understand this is one of the top questions clients have before they engage our service.

So, before you hire our private investigators we offer you a free “consultancy call” with one of our senior detectives.

They will outline what’s involved in your case and give you some ballpark pricing. At all stages, you’ll be in complete control of the money being put to work on the investigation.


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