5 Subtle Signs Of Cheating Partners

Steve here and today’s private eye post will look at some of the more subtle signs of cheating partners. For additional information in uncovering infidelity, you should check out my posts on signs of a cheating partner and verbal clues men are cheating.


Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. As investigators, we see lots of unfaithful men and women and it becomes almost second nature to spot the signs. There may be other explanations for seeing the signs mentioned below, so if you’re unsure and want to know the truth, use our cheating spouse service.


#1 Showering Immediately

Up until now, your significant other has come home from work, chatted about your day, played with the kids or dog and made a drink. Now he’s started showering the minute he gets home before he does any of that stuff. Is he trying to get rid of her scent? Look for patterns. Is it happening every day? Is it happening on just Tuesdays and Thursdays?


#2 Ritualistic Routine

There are different types of affairs. The first is the ‘wham bam thank you man’. The lunchtime quickie. It’s all about sex and only the sex. The second is about the sex and the emotional side of things.

Sex + Emotional Affair is typically easier to spot because your partner is falling in love with someone else. They may be distant with you and you’re much more likely to have a gut instinct something is wrong.

Sex Only Affair is much more difficult as it really means nothing except the physical aspect. One of the ways you can spot these types of affairs is by new ritualistic routines. The call every day at 1pm on the dot. They’re home at exactly 5.30pm every day. Cheats mistakenly believe that by having these routines it will allay suspicion. Don’t be fooled.


#3 Early Symptoms Of Stress

It’s naturally stressful to deceive our partners and this can manifest to show the early signs of stress. These include worsening sleeping habits (or even insomnia), binge eating or lack of interest in eating, and a ratty, on-edge temper.


#4 Slow To Remember

Lying once is easy. Lying consistently over long periods of time is extremely taxing on the human mind. The way our memory works doesn’t make it easy to remember the lies we told – older memories are usually triggered by images, sounds, smells etc. We have none of these associations if we told a lie. They said they had a work dinner a couple of months ago but now can’t remember the restaurant they went to? That’s the sort of thing you’re looking for.


#5 Changing Tastes

Up until now your man has been into Pop music but has suddenly taken an interest in Jazz? They never eat cheese but now it’s all crackers and camembert? You have every reason to be suspicious.

Be careful – any one of these can mean something else. Your partner might be hiding something from you which has nothing to do with your relationship. They may be having problems at work, or feel pressure from a family member about something and they’re trying to protect you from worry.


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