Dating Skills #4 — How To “See” If He Really Likes You

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post, which is all about using body language to determine if the guy you’re dating is really into you.

I recommend you practice on people you don’t know first—coffee shops, train stations and airports make great places to people watch. Then, you’ll be able to pay attention to what his body is saying in a more naturally competent manner. This way, you’re much more likely to discover the many different ways his body speaks to you.

Below you’ll find four common and most important body language signs that a guy is really into you. They’re all easy to see from a distance as well as close up. So, you should have no trouble seeing this body language displayed when you do your “people spotting” practice

Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


#1 Imitate Your Mate

We’re a synchronised bunch of apes. We tend to do what’s called “mirroring.” It helps us to fit in with other people and our communities.

We do exactly the same thing to everyone when we want them to like us. It’s a subtle and usually unconscious way of telling the other person, “I’m just like you!”

If he’s mirroring you he is definitely interested in you.


#2 Walking On Air

When people are under stress or are feeling down, they can literally “carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.”

When people are happy they smile naturally and almost bounce along with life. There’s a spring in their step, and their movements seem light and airy.

If he’s really into you, he will be happy to see you and spend time with you. His movements will be as light as a deer bounding across the land.


#3 He “Angles” You

This has nothing to do with fishing. It’s all to do with where his body and feet point.

Angle #1 — does he give you his entire attention when speaking with you by pointing his torso and feet towards you? Yes? Good.

Angle #2 — when you’re in a group does he point his feet towards you even when he can’t turn his torso fully your way? He does? Good, it means he finds you the most interesting.


#4 Goodbye Stretching

Ever been on the phone with your crush and you’re playing “the hang-up game?”

“You hang up,” “No, you hang up first,” “No, you hang up,” etc….

Well, the same things happen in face-to-face situations and we call it goodbye stretching. If the couple aren’t yet intimate, it can be as simple as an overly long hug. If they are, it can be a protracted sequence of hugging and kissing.



Seeing just how much he likes you from his body language is simple to do. With a little practice, you can become good at observing these 4 signals in a naturally competent way. This week, try and find the time to do some people-watching and work out what their bodies are really trying to say to each other.

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Until next week,