Common Behaviour Pattern Changes Often Seen In Cheating Husbands

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’ll take a deep dive into the common behaviour pattern changes often seen in cheating husbands.

No matter how “out there” a particular set of actions might seem at first glance, there’s always a reason for a particular person’s behaviour.

Humans are instinctively lazy. We do nothing unless there’s an underlying motive behind what may appear strange at first sight. And the truth is that most people are bad at hiding the reasons behind their actions — as long as you know what to look for.

And in cases of extramarital affairs, husbands are no different. You’d think that the guys would catch on. They don’t. In all of my cheating husband investigation cases, there’s always some (if not all) of the common behaviour changes detailed below, that are observed by the wife. They’re the reason for the “gut instinct” something is wrong.

In today’s post, my intention is to highlight those behaviours and attempt to explain why they happen. That way, if you see these in your husband, you’ll know you need to give me a call and get to the bottom of things.

Let’s dive in…


Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique after all. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest.


#1 Relationship Behaviours

One of the first things many wives of cheating husbands notice is a change in the relationship. The underlying cause of any of the following changes is a shift in a husband’s allegiance. He’s now more interested in what’s happening outside of his marriage than within in it. This can manifest in multiple ways. The most obvious is a sudden lack of interest in the marriage. Understandable, of course. Another telltale sign is the creation of arguments where there seems no apparent reason to make any kind of fuss.

A more hidden sign of a cheating husband is where they’ve previously been unhappy, but now he seems like nothing is a problem. This one is a result of him being unphased by trouble at home because he has something else to look forward to.

The more accomplished cheater is better than all of these. He suddenly becomes the perfect husband. He’s more attentive, more giving, and much more likeable. He does all of this so you suspect nothing is wrong. And all the while he’s busy plotting his nefarious escapades.


#2 Appearance Behaviours

Perhaps one of the easiest behaviours to see with hindsight is the husband who becomes much more concerned with his looks. Spending more time than is usual in the bathroom “man-grooming”, or shopping for more up-to-date clothes are commonly observed in cheaters. A new haircut or renewed enthusiasm for the gym should also be cause for suspicion.


#3 Sexual & Romantic Behaviours

Changes in bedroom activity are easy to notice and much more commonplace in a cheat’s behaviour change repertoire than you may think. The only problem is the changes can be wide-ranging…

He may display a lack of interest in sex with you. A “take it or leave it attitude.” He may never be “in the mood” at all. By contrast, he may be more sexually active than usual. Has he got some “new moves?” Is he kinkier than usual?

The same goes for outside the bedroom. He may be far less affectionate than is normal. He may “shower you with love.”

The key thing to consider is the deviation from what’s normal for your relationship. You should ask yourself why he may have made those changes.


#4 Work-Related Behaviours

The workplace is a hotbed for the start of many affairs. In fact, I’d estimate out of all of our cheating husband investigation cases, over 70% are work-related affairs.

Here’s what to look for…

  • Changes in work hours — especially working longer (or more frequently.)
  • Changes to any established work routines
  • Asking you to not call him at work
  • Attending work functions without you
  • Business trips where you are unable to take him to the airport and where he’s unavailable while away.


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