6 ways you didn’t realise a background check can help you

You may think a background check is a luxury and not really necessary, but there a number of situations you might not have thought of where a background check could save you! A background check could save you from being sued, buying the wrong property, and more! Read below to see how valuable knowing the truth can be…

1) It can expose false or inflated information

In June this year, MYER hired a fraud as their group general manager of strategy and business development. He lied about his work history and falsified references to get the job. If MYER can get it wrong, it can happen to anyone! People could be lying about something small, like how long they were at a job, all the way to creating entire work history that isn’t true! Save yourself the headache of hiring a fraud, and find out the truth with a background check.

2) You can be sued for negligent hiring
In the MYER example above, the hiring was done through a recruitment company. This mistake has made them liable to a negligent hiring lawsuit. It can even happen internally to HR departments who fail to do proper due diligence in checking the history and background of a potential employee. A background check could be the difference between being sued or not!

3) You could save yourself a painful property mistake
Background checks don’t always have to be on people. A pre-purchase property investigation involves surveillance at and around the property site check that the neighbourhood, including neighbours, council workers and local businesses, won’t be cause for any potential issues before purchase, including anything that might affect future resale value. You can also do a pre-tenancy checks on potential tenants to make sure you have their full history, and ensure they haven’t given you misleading information. The last thing you want is rowdy, destructive neighbors, or a tenant you can’t trust!

4) It can uncover criminal background
This is an oldie, but a goodie. People lie about their criminal history all the time. No-one wants to tell you about their shady past, because it reveals their propensity for dishonesty and corruption. You deserve to know the truth about potential employees, business partners, or even from a potentially destructive relationship. Which leads to number 5…

5) Save yourself from a bad relationship
With the rise of online dating, dating apps and long distance relationships via cheap online connectivity, chances are you have no idea who a person is before you start a romantic relationship. People can lie about themselves, their background, their financial situation, or worse! Don’t risk being taken advantage of by an untrustworthy partner. A background check can tell you if they’re married, if they have a history of borrowing or stealing money, if they have a criminal record and more!

6) Protect your company’s reputation
You company is your baby, and the last thing you want is a damaged reputation, but your good name could be at risk in a number of ways if you trust the wrong person. A bad employee or busines spartner could end up damaging your relationship with your customers or clients. They could also besmirch your good name by doing bad business while acting in teh name of your business. Hiring the wrong person could also become a PR nightmare if, like in the MYER example, your poor hiring ends up in the public sphere. People are hungry for a bad news story, and there’s no reason why you hiring a con man won’t end up on A Current Affair!


Save yourself the headache. A background check is the peace of mind you need to protect yourself, your business and your family from the many dishonest people and bad situations around. A private investigator can help you safeguard against untrustworthy individuals and dangerous business decisions. Call us today on 1300 721 715 or email to speak to a highly qualified private detective about how we can help you protect your business.

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