Cheater? The ‘Person’ Most Likely To ‘Do The Dirty’.

Hey there, Steve here and over the last few months I’ve covered a lot of different topics around the subject of cheating partners.

This week’s private eye post is a little different. As investigators, we see and hear some astounding things, but one thing is for sure. There indeed are people who are more likely to cheat than others.

And you can almost ‘profile’ the type. That’s what we’re going to take a look at today.

Disclaimer: Profiles are kind of like stereotypes. Just because someone fits the profile doesn’t mean they are cheating. And vice-versa of course.

#1 Attractiveness

How attractive a person is will linearly affect the likelihood of them cheating. The higher the level of attractiveness, the more likely the possibility of cheating. When you think of physical appearance, it sounds obvious (ugly people are less likely to find someone to cheat with), but attractiveness isn’t always skin deep. People are attracted to money, power, social status and success (hence the reason short, fat millionaires have supermodel girlfriends). So the more ‘attractive’ your partner, the more likely they are to cheat.

#2 Opportunity

If there’s no opportunity to cheat, then there’s much less chance of it happening. So, if you spend a significant proportion of your time with your partner, travel together, have the same friends, the same social circles and perhaps even work together, or in the same industry, then the chances of them cheating on you are much less likely.

#3 Risk Taking

Outgoing, gregarious adventure seekers are much more likely to cheat than introverts who are timider in nature.

#4 Sexual Desire

We’re all ‘wired’ differently, and some people just have a high sex drive, while other people are much less concerned or interested in sex. It makes sense that partners with more sex drive are more likely to cheat. Those who find sexual excitement in novelty are those who are likely to have multiple affairs.

#5 Sense of Entitlement

Some people who feel like it’s their natural right to cheat on their partner. Culture, belief about gender roles or their position in society can have this effect. It’s much more common for people to cheat if they were brought up in a home where one of the parents was adulterous.

The differences between men and women are quite notable.

Women are much more likely to cheat because they feel alone, ignored and underappreciated. They are likely to be ‘homemakers’ and spend little social time with their husbands. The average age for marriage is 28-29 for women, and the average age for an affair is 36-37. It’s crazy but the most likely time for cheating is when their child is between 1-2 years old.

B are much more likely to cheat as part of their ego. Positions of power and risk-taking are far more common. Those who work in Aviation, Finance or Healthcare professions are those most likely to have an affair. So, tall, intelligent, handsome, rich men are those most likely to cheat. Sorry ladies!

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