Why bigger isn’t always better…

“I need a private investigator – so I’ll just go with the biggest company I can find. They must be good” You would think so, but you’d be wrong. Here are some things to consider when picking a private investigator.

Personalised service (or lack thereof)
In some cases, picking a large company over a smaller one can mean you get the best deal. But in the case of services like private investigation, bigger is definitely not better. The first thing you need to think of is the level of service. In a big company, your job will be assigned to an investigator who is most likely doing a number of other jobs. They are handed your assignment, they do the leg work, hand in the report and go home. In a smaller company, your private investigator will be able to really understand your case. They can personalise the job for you, really understand what you’re after and care about the outcome. When you’re dealing with a big corporation, you can become just a number in the machine. With a smaller company you get a personalised service with direct contact with the lead investigator.

Underquoting – which leads to under-delivering
Another trip up with private investigations is when companies offer a cheap and final cost up front. In an investigation, every case is unique. You can never know ahead of time what activities the subject will get up to, and how long the behaviour in question will go on for. This means costs will vary, and anyone who offers you an up front cost or a cheap quote will have to make up the difference somehow. This means they could cut the investigation off and miss some key evidence because they’ve under quoted you, or they will take the customer service out of it completely. They will quote you on what they think they you’d be willing to pay, even if they know that won’t be enough to get you the result you want.

Paying the middle-man
Another concern with big corporations is value for money. Quote often large companies that offer private investigation services will just hire an investigator from a smaller firm. Obviously they want to make a profit, so you could end up paying hundreds more than you need to by just going direct to the private investigator. No-one likes to pay a middleman, but when big business just want to get your business and don’t have the staff, that’s exactly what you may find yourself doing. It’s pretty much flushing money down the toilet. It adds no value to your case, and just robs you of extra hours that could be spent actually investigating your case, rather than lining a middleman’s pocket.

Paying too much
With big corporations, because you most likely won’t have full transparency on the investigation (how can you if you don’t have direct contact with your lead investigator?), they can charge you whatever they like, and you wouldn’t know what your money has got you. With a smaller company like Elite Investigations, you get full transparency on the costs for your investigation. We run investigations to be the most most cost effective for the best results, so don’t waste a single dollar.

The detectives here at Elite Investigations know how to get the job done done in the most thorough and cost effective way so that you get what you’re after. We have the highest degree of knowledge, experience and skill, without compromising on the personalised service. If you need a detective you can trust, and results you can count on, give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email