Top 5 Myths about Private Investigators

It’s not every day you hire a private investigator, so a lot of people only know about detectives from what they see in the movies. Do you have any of the below misconceptions?

We solve crimes/ cases for you

Like the Poirots and Sherlocks of the movies, this myth is perpetuated by the many depictions of private investigators sitting at their desk, pouring over the facts and scratching their chin thoughtfully. Even J.K. Rowling under her Robert Calibraith pseudonym depicts a detective who solves mysteries for his clients. While this might be a romantic idea, we investigators are here to investigate, not pontificate. What you get from hiring a private detective is surveillance and evidence. However, with most of our cases, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together. Cheating husband, teenager on drugs, fraud within your business; the answer will usually scream out at you: no mysteries there!


We look through binoculars

It may surprise you, but a private investigator needs to remain inconspicuous at all times. Staring at someone through a pair of glaringly obvious binoculars is going to stop the investigation in its track pretty quickly! We have many discreet ways of zooming in on a subject that’s farther away, but you wouldn’t notice any of them. There’s some high tech equipment used for that. What equipment is that, you ask? That’s for us to know, and you to never find out!


Our work is all negative

While this is slightly true, it’s not all doom and gloom. We do get a lot of cheating partner cases and teenage surveillance, but we also get to help people with some very positive aspects of their lives! We’ve helped clients find lost loved ones, do their due diligence for exciting new business ventures and even kept the peace with security at exciting events and parties. We also have come back with positive news to people who had a suspicion, but turned out to be unfounded. That kind of peace of mind is priceless!


We lead an exciting double life

As fun as it would be to have a James Bond-esque lifestyle, the truth is the work of a private investigator is actually quite dull. Surveillance is the most exciting part of the job, and even that’s a slow, boring slog in the car, just waiting for the brief moment that you need to capture. Then the rest of the work is dry, boring desk type work like background checks, paperwork, backing up and transferring data (SO much data!) and other desk work. It’s about as exciting as your run of the mill office job. Just with less water-cooler chats.


We wear sunglasses to hide our identities

Not true at all. Well, we might wear sunglasses while we’re driving if it’s sunny, but again, this comes back down to needing to be inconspicuous. If we walked around looking like one of the men in black, we’d be spotted a mile away and any surveillance or discreet investigation will be stopped in its tracks. Looking like a ‘private detective’ from the movies is a sure fire way to ruin the job and any chance of getting the information the client needs. We need to pass as an everyday person, so more than likely we could walk right past you and you’d never even know!


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