What if they’re not cheating? – The surprising benefit of using a private investigator

Do you suspect that you have a cheating boyfriend, cheating girlfriend, or cheating spouse? Your gut is usually right, and a private investigator can help you get the proof you need to confront them. But what if your gut is wrong? Here’s how a private investigator can be a big help, even if your suspicions are unfounded.

By using a detective, you won’t get caught
If you get caught investigating your partner, whether they were cheating or not, all trust is now gone. If you’re wrong, and you’re found snooping through their personal effects, they will be understandably upset, and may feel that they can no longer trust you. Imagine getting caught snooping and spying on them… if you’re wrong, you may end up destroying a relationship that wasn’t broken to begin with. Fishing for information can be equally risky. If they notice you’ve been going through their phone or emails, or feel that you’re asking too many odd questions, they could figure out that you suspect them of cheating. That feeling of not being trusted could cause issues in your relationship.

Instead, our Melbourne investigators have the equipment and expertise to conduct discreet surveillance without alerting the suspected party. While it might seem like a good idea to do your own reconnaissance work, the chances of you being able to run an investigation without acting suspiciously yourself are very slim. An investigation run by a qualified detective means that if you’re wrong, you partner will never know that you suspected them in the first place.

Peace of mind is worth every cent
You may think, why get an investigator when they could tell me that my partner isn’t cheating? Isn’t that a waste? Well, that depends. Do you enjoy doubting your partner? Do you get a kick out of not knowing if they are faithful? An investigator who has fully investigated your partner can put your mind at ease and remove that nagging doubt that’s been plaguing your mind. A short, simple investigation with a Melbourne detective can bring back the comforting trust that your partner isn’t cheating on you. By hiring a detective and getting the job done professionally, you get the reassurance you need to get a good nights sleep, and can get back to enjoying life with your partner. Think of it as the Elite Investigations seal of approval!

If you have suspicions about your partner cheating, our detectives can help you get the necessary proof or peace of mind. If you have your suspicions, please call us today to speak with one of our discreet detectives. We have the highest degree of experience and skill, and know how to get you the truth while keeping your suspicions discreet. If you have doubts about a potential cheating partner or spouse, you deserve to know the truth, regardless of what the truth is! Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be able to put your mind at ease.

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