What to Do if Your Partner is Cheating

Our Sydney/Melbourne private investigators investigate many cheating spouse and cheating partner cases. If you’re reading this article, you probably have suspicions that your partner is cheating, too. But unless you’ve been in this situation before, you might not know what to do. Read on for our tips on how to handle this terrible situation.

Your husband or wife might be giving signs of cheating, or maybe it’s just your gut telling you that something isn’t right. But either way, you can’t get rid of the suspicion that your partner is cheating. Our private eyes have seen many of these situations, where a husband, wife or partner is not being faithful. Here are a few things that might help you through.

Find out for sure if they’re cheating

Unfortunately, sometimes suspicions arise where they aren’t warranted. Conversely, sometimes people are oblivious to an affair that’s right under their nose. The best way to start is to find out the truth. You don’t want to be accusing your partner of cheating and instead there’s a perfectly reasonable excuse for their behaviour and you were wrong all along. That’s a great way to lose your partner’s trust. On the other hand, just ignoring it and letting it be isn’t great either, as the suspicion will eat you up inside, and you could be letting a cheater get away with their unfaithful ways. A discreet surveillance with a trained detective will help you find the truth without having the situation blow up in your face. We will provide footage, images and other evidence to show you what’s really going on.

Decide on your reaction beforehand

While it can be tempting to go straight to your cheating partner with the damning evidence, it’s always best to take a bit of time to think things through. Are you able to forgive them? Do you want to try to save the relationship? Can you be with them knowing what you know? Deciding the outcome you want beforehand gives you a goal when you confront your cheating partner and helps prevent everything getting out of hand.

Try to keep things private

It can be very satisfying to expose and embarrass your cheating partner. Revenge is very tempting, especially when someone has hurt you as deeply as an affair does. However, despite enjoying the show, we’ve rarely seen a situation where ‘going public’ has made it easy. Remember, you’ll probably have to go through a lengthy separation if you are married or de-facto, and a public blow up can work against you and make it awkward for everyone involved.



If you have suspicions that your partner is cheating on you, our detectives can help you find out the truth and give you the knowledge to pick the best course of action. You deserve to know the truth! Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we can help.