Unfaithful Women: Top 5 Common Signs Of A Cheating Wife

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post. Today we’ll take a look at the top 5 common signs of an unfaithful wife.

Lots of men mistakenly make the assumption women are less likely to cheat. But a recent survey found that nearly 55% of married women admitted to extramarital sex at some point in their marriage. Our experience as investigators shows that men and women are equally likely to cheat in a relationship.

Warning: Although the 5 signs below are strongly indicative of a cheating wife, there may be other reasons for the same behaviour. It’s easy to make a mistake, especially to the untrained eye. If you have any suspicions that your wife is cheating, please call us, or use our live chat, to enquire about our cheating spouse service. The first call is completely free and without any obligation.

#1 – Are The Statistics Against You?

It may surprise you to hear that married women who fit a certain profile are much more likely to have an affair.

Here’s the profile:

Age mid-thirties and up and been married for 7 years or more. Women who work are more likely to cheat than stay-at-home mums. The more a woman is paid the more likely they are to cheat. A woman who has previously been married, or who had a parent who cheated is also in the higher risk category. Mom’s of 1-year-old children are also more likely to stray.

#2 – Family & Friends Distance

Women who carry on an affair are usually worried that friends and family might see the signs. More so than their husbands. For that reason, it’s not unusual for us to hear that she distanced herself from those people when cheating. Every relationship is different, so you’ll need to look for the changes to her normal behaviour. For example, if she usually visits your mum once a week but hasn’t been for a while, then something is likely wrong.

#3 – Going Out With The Girls

Has she suddenly started going out with the girls much more than before? Has she started meeting up with her friends more frequently than usual? If this is just over a short period and then things get back to normal, there’s probably no cause for concern. But if her routines have changed then you should definitely beware.

#4 – Talking About A New Friend

Women can’t help but talk about new things in their life. The person they’re having an affair with is no different. Of course they won’t talk about him in a way that gives rise to suspicion but rather in a platonic way. This should immediately get your hackles to rise and warrants further investigation.

#5 – Sex Deviation

No I’m not talking about some bizarre BDSM routine. I’m talking about changes in sexual behaviour. Has she suddenly become a raving nympho who wants to use an array of sex toys when before she preferred a more loving style of sex? Has she clammed up when she used to be highly sexually charged? Both of these changes can be indicative of something new in her life and you have every reason to be suspicious.

So there you have my top 5 common signs of a cheating wife. If you do suspect your wife of cheating the last thing you should do is confront her, or try to investigate yourself (especially if you have children!)

Find out why by calling us, or using the live chat feature on this page. The first consultation is completely free and may just put your mind at rest.

Until next week,