Dating Deception: 7 Signs He’s Actually Married

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post.

I’ve had a few cases in the last 12 months, where I’ve been called in to check if a man is cheating on his ‘serious’ girlfriend, only to find that he’s married and cheating on his wife. There are a couple of cases where the relationship was over a year, and the revelations completely shocked us all.

So, in this post, we’ll take a look at how to spot if your new man is making you a mistress – without your knowledge, of course.

Disclaimer: As always, nothing is 100% when it comes to human relationships. These signs may be displayed by someone who is completely innocent, and equally, a married man who is cheating may not show any of these signs.

#1 – Stranger Times

Does your new fling only call you during the working day, or very late at night? If so, why? Well, one of those reasons could be he’s busy with his wife and kids. I know this sounds obvious when you read it on a page, but how often do you track the times that someone calls you?

#2 – The “Just Say No To Social”

At exactly what point do you make your relationship public by announcing it on Facebook? That’s one question you won’t have to struggle with because your new man said no to social media. Yes, he’s one of the few who isn’t on Facebook. Yeh, right.

#3 – The Spontaneous Suggestions

New relationships make for exciting times. New places. New conversation. New music. New ideas. And lots of spontaneous fun. But is he always spontaneous? If he only ever makes plans the same day then you may want to dig a little deeper. Try making plans to go eat out next week. If he responds with anything other than a firm yes, then there could be a big reason why.

#4 – The Far Away Romance

Is he taking you places you’ve never been before? That’s great and must feel wonderful. But if those places always seem to be a little way out of town, or to the far reaches of the city then he may be doing his best to avoid running into people who know him. And his wife.

#5 – The Flush Hipster Moves

Have a look at how he’s paying when you spend time together. Is he always flush with cash but has a pile of cards in his wallet? Why doesn’t he want those extra Amex points? You have to wonder, don’t you?

#6 – It’s All About You

Life is great. Your new man is taking you to new places. You’re feeling spoiled, and it feels like this could be the start of something great. To make matters even better, he seems to love talking about you and not himself. Sure, he may talk about his work and things you can do together in the future, but if he’s not sharing much about his family and friends, then he may just be hiding something from you.

#7 – Ring Ring

The obvious one. The wedding ring mark. Yes I know it’s a cliche, but you should check for the mark more than once. People can go to great lengths to conceal this (don’t believe me, just Google ‘how to hide a wedding ring mark’) but that doesn’t mean they always have time to do so.

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