4 Sickening Emotional Signs Your Wife Is Beginning A “Full-Blown Affair”

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post where we’ll be looking at some of the typical emotional signs we see when a wife is starting a “full-blown affair.”

Now, you should remember that typically women begin to cheat with an emotional affair way before things turn physical. Depending on how far she is along the stages of her emotional affair, she may start to display some of the signs of cheating detailed below.

Either way, I’m afraid it’s bad news for you. She’s either begun her physical affair, or she is right on the cusp of doing so.


Disclaimer: This information is for general educational purposes only and may not apply to all situations — everyone is unique. For help with an individual situation, please contact us —the first call is free, and we may just be able to put your mind at rest!


#1 DD Sex

One of the common signs of cheating is a change-up in bedroom activity. In some cases, there’s an increased sex drive, and in others, there’s a distinct lack of sexual appetite. But here’s the thing — right around the beginning of a wife’s physical affair, there are usually two major things going on.

First, she doesn’t want to arouse your suspicion. Second, she’s not really feeling physically close to her husband.

What usually happens, is she continues to have sex with her husband but isn’t really “there.” She will seem disinterested and distracted — we term this DD Sex.

As her affair evolves, she’s likely to be much better at covering her “emotional tracks” during any bedroom activity, no matter the frequency.


#2 Mrs. Attentive

Up til now, she’s been having an emotional affair, and the line of physical intimacy represents a choice to “really cheat.” As she crosses this line and first gets intimate with her fling, she’s likely to feel tremendous guilt wash over her.

One of the common ways cheating wives try to assuage their guilty feelings, is by becoming overly attentive.

So, if things haven’t been great at home for a while (while she’s emotionally cheating), but suddenly she’s cheerful and seeing to your every need, you should be concerned.

As her affair continues and her cheating activities become part of her normal routine, “Mrs Attentive” will disappear.


#3 A Closed Door

Initially, this might sound a little strange, but hear me out. As a woman develops her affair, they first become psychologically and emotionally distant. When it turns “physical”, she will feel she wants “physical distance.”

Couples in long-term relationships often leave their bathroom doors open. One of the ways she may physically distance herself is by closing the bathroom door. I know this sounds like a really small thing, but it’s often these small behaviour changes that provide the biggest clues to someone’s state of mind.


#4 Sleep Hell

When she lets things get physical, her emotions will be all over the place. Many previous clients report that their wife’s sleeping patterns changed considerably for a week or two. We’re talking real “sleep hell.”

Insomnia, nightmares, talking in her sleep, and looking restless or exhausted — even after a full 8 hours.

As she becomes accustomed to accommodating her affair in her daily life, her emotions will settle, and her week or two of sleep hell will seem like a distant memory.


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