Happy Relationship? 4 Body Language Signs That Mean She Still Finds You Attractive

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s private eye post.

A key component of our investigations is the surveillance work. When we conduct cheating partner or spouse investigations, this means we surveil the person suspected of cheating.

People naturally assume that we’re just looking to catch the person in the physical act of cheating — which we are — but we also get a lot more information from the surveillance.

For example, we observe the couples body language with each other. And one question we ask is “Are the people in the relationship still attracted to each other?” If they are, it’s less likely they’re carrying on an affair. The opposite is also true.

So today, I will run through the four main ways you can check if your wife/girlfriend still finds you attractive.

Make a note of the things to look for and then check to see if she’s displaying these body language signs. Do this over the course of a week or two. Don’t think she’ll display all, or even any, of these signs in a single conversation.

Disclaimer: This information is for general educational information only. It is not advice for you and your personal situation. For help with an individual situation, please contact us or use the live chat feature on this page.

#1 Lean Machine

People’s body’s betray them in many ways. The simplest of these ways is the body’s indication of where it wants to go. So when you’re talking with her and she leans in to you, this is a genuine sign of attraction. It doesn’t count if you whisper so quietly she has to get closer to hear you!

#2 Touch Me

Some would argue there is a language of touch separate from body language. The reassuring squeeze of a hand, the arm around the shoulders, the hand on the back. It’s not the type of touch that’s significant, but the touch frequency between you. The more she touches you when you’re together the better..

#3 Window Watching

The often quoted cliche, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” is what applies in a relationship. Happy couples enjoy lots of eye contact. It’s her way of letting you know she’s paying attention to you.

#4 The Big W Exposure

A big sign she finds you attractive is if she displays her wrists to you. She can make this obvious, such as placing her hands on a table with her palms up, or she may deliver a burst of “wrist flashes” during your conversation. “Wrist flashes” always mean turning her hands palm up, so just note this movement when you’re talking with her.


You can reveal her innermost thoughts, and discover whether she remains attracted to you by observing her body language when you speak. Don’t base your results from a single conversation in isolation. Instead, look for these four signs across many interactions, over a period of a week or more.

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