Quiz – Should you hire a Private Investigator?

Sometimes, it can be hard to know if your imagination is getting the better of you. Think your partner is cheating? Think your son or daughter is hiding something? Think an employee is stealing from you? Take our quiz to see if the situation calls for further investigation and surveillance, or if you’ve just watched one too many cop shows!

Has their behaviour changed recently?

Even changes that you wouldn’t think are suspicious could be an indication. Changes in work schedule, eating habits, grooming habits, or even sudden romantic interest (the result of guilt) could be an indication that they’re hiding something. It could be time for surveillance to reveal the truth.

Have they start obsessing over something/ someone?

Even negatively, often when someone is hiding something from you they can’t help but think about it all the time! If you child suddenly condemns anyone who’s smoking, or if your husband or wife keeps bagging a close friend, they could be trying to throw you off the scent. Only an investigation will tell you for sure.

Have you caught them out lying about small things?

Often, a big lie causes a ripple effect of small lies to keep the deception going. If you catch someone out in a lie that seems insignificant, it may be trying to keep you from discovering an even bigger deception. You’ll likely never unravel the lies, but a trained private investigator knows how to find out the truth.

Have you found evidence of deception?

It’s an obvious one, but if you found evidence of deception, be it a suspicious text from your partner’s lover, a statement showing a business partner has embezzled money or evidence of drugs in your teenager’s room, if you find something that strongly points to them hiding something, then it’s time you got the evidence and confront them!


Answers – How many times did you answer yes?

0 times – You clearly have nothing to worry about… but if you’re taking this quiz, you must be concerned about something. Have you answered everything truthfully?

1 time – It’s probably nothing (unless you answered yes to the last one!). However, only you know your situation. Sometimes your gut tells you the truth before your head can figure it out. It might be worth hiring a private investigator, even if just to get peace of mind that you’re not being cheated on or lied to.

2 times – You’ve probably got reason to be suspicious. You can tell something is going on, and it’s probably not good, but it will be hard to know for sure. They’ll deny it, so you need fact to address the situation. A small surveillance session could reveal everything you need to know.

3 times – It’s quite likely that something untoward is going on behind your back. Your suspicions appear to be founded in reality. A private investigator could be exactly what you need to bring an end to your suspicions and help you find out for sure.

4 times – Sorry to tell you thins, but there’s almost definitely something going on. Your partner or child is also likely on high alert to stop you finding out what it is. It’s definitely time to get a private detective in to get you the evidence you need to end this lie once and for all.

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