Missing a loved one? Find them for Christmas…

Christmas is fast approaching, and that usually means spending time catching up with family and loved ones. However, sometimes this can make us feel the absence of someone who’s missing from you life. If there’s someone you can’t locate, but you wish they could be around this festive season, don’t just wonder where they might be. Our talented professionals could help you find and reunite with your long lost relative, friend or loved one.

If you just go by the TV, people only go missing when kidnapped by the mafia! But in real life, people can disappear of be absent from you life for a wide range of reasons. Often there’s a relative that you’d love to get to know, but you’ve never actually met them. This is often a birth mother or father, missing from your life since you were a child. It could be that you had a sibling, cousin or friend that was very close, but you’ve since lost touch and have no idea how to contact them. Or your missing person could be a recent loss; a child that’s run out of your life or a friend that’s suddenly seemed to drop off the face of the earth. These scenarios and more are common issues that our private investigators face every day.

So is there anything you can you do to find your missing person this Christmas or festive season? You may think it’s near impossible… Their phone number is no longer active, they don’t live at the same place they did when you knew them, and as much as you search google for clues, you keeping coming up with nothing. So is that then end of it? You may be feeling hopeless and defeated, and think you will likely never see this person again. But the holiday break is coming and you can’t help but wish there was a way they could be there.

Well, the good news is, there’s hope yet that you’ll find your missing person! Our private investigators Sydney/Melbourne have the tools that can make it happen, yes, even better than your Googling skills! By running a missing person investigation with a private eye, an investigator can  go ahead with all sorts of checks, investigations and surveillance to track down your missing loved one. Of course, the more you can give us to aid the investigation, the higher the chance of success, but sometimes all it takes is a small lead and our Sydney/Melbourne investigators can locate your special person,  whether they’re just around the corner, in another city, states, and even all across Australia!

With years of experience tracking down missing persons, our highly trained detectives will ensure you have the greatest chance of finding your loved one. Your christmas wish may come true after all! Rather than give up and resign yourself to never seeing this person again, you can enlist a private eye and finally find that special someone you keep yearning for.

If you have someone missing from your life, our detectives can help you get the reunion you’re after. Please call us today to talk to one of our Sydney/Melbourne private detectives. We know how to search high and low for a missing person and have the authority to do the investigating required to bring your missing person home to you for Christmas! Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we could help find the person you’ve been looking for.