Why hiring security for your teenager’s party is the best idea…

As we all know, parties these days are getting bigger and more unruly. Even if you’ve got a ‘great kid’ that doesn’t mean their friends are great, or that throwing alcohol into the mix won’t make them do something stupid. In order to make sure the night runs smoothly, a security guard could be the best investment you make. Read on for the ways in which a good security guard can be the difference between a fun night and an ugly mess…

Unwanted guests will try to get in

In this digital age, the details of the party could spread online and make their way to unwanted attendees. Even if your child hasn’t set up a Facebook event (although that’s probably exactly what they’re doing – no-one sends invites these days!) all it takes is a few guests to post the details (‘on my way to Alex’s party’ ‘Where’s the address?’ ‘123 Home street, Suburbianna, see you there!’) and suddenly the internet knows. Then you’ll be facing a bevy of unwelcome intruders to your son or daughter’s party. Intruders to a party can make the guests uncomfortable, use up your food and alcohol, steal from the guests or your house, break things and even start fights. Something as simple as a security guard at the front with a guest list is the most effective way to stop these unwanted party guests in their tracks.

Fights can break out

Teenagers are new to alcohol, and are often in a reckless frame of mind at parties. This means that, under the influence of alcohol, teenagers can often cause disturbances and fights. If a fight breaks out, you don’t want to be the one getting in there and breaking it up. Especially if it gets bigger than just a fist fight between two kids. Security guards know how to defuse a situation before it escalates, can interfere if things get out of hand, and usually just their presence prevents one happening in the first place. Kids take security guards as a sign that this is a no-nonsense party, and will usually behave accordingly.

They can help make the whole night run more smoothly
A good security guard can do a lot more than just stopping party crashers and fights breaking out. Our security guards can provide a full party-saving service that will make the night run as smoothly as possible. A security guard can stop intoxicated guests from drinking any more or intervene if they’re thinking of doing something stupid (like climbing onto the roof!), ensuring drunk people get an uber or taxi (not behind a wheel!), and prevent theft by keeping an eye out on your valuables.

The best thing? A security guard means that, rather than nervously scanning the party to make sure nothing goes wrong, you can relax.

Elite Investigations provides security services that go above and beyond the typical muscle-head ‘scare factor’ security guard. Since many of our security staff are also private detectives, they have a sharp eye for detail and they know the many ways in which your security could be compromised, and how to prevent it. Elite Investigations detectives and security services will make sure your teen’s party is a success, not a nightmare. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email