Online Dating – Are they who they say they are?

If you or someone you know has tried online dating, you’ll know that it’s both a great way to meet people, and an easy way for people to lie about themselves. Usually, the lies you get on dating sites are more banal, such as lying about their height or hobbies, but sometimes the lies can be more sinister. Our private investigators have seen run a number of investigations into people our clients have met online, and here are some of the things that can come up when investigating a dating partner you met online.

They’re broke

When running a private investigation into someone a client met online, one of the things we can look into is their financial position. If they are constantly asking to borrow money, or what they say about their financial situation doesn’t seem to add up, a private detective can run surveillance and do checks against them to see if there are any red flags or lies in what they’ve told you. Someone can pretend to be well off, but then use you for money because you think they’re good for it. Many people have fallen victim to it because the scammer can put on quite a good show and it’s easy to believe that they really do have money. A quick investigation will soon clear that up!

They have a criminal history

While you don’t have to disclose that one time you were arrested at high school on your first date, some people go online pretending to be a decent, law abiding citizen, while really they have a criminal history that you definitely don’t want to get involved in! A simple background check will reveal any terrible secrets that might show that they are an untrustworthy person who you do not want to be dating.

They’re married

Ah, the most cliche of the online dating fears, but probably because it’s the most common. Our private detectives have found many partners who have advertised themselves as single online, but have a husband or wife at home, or even kids! These married men and women might try to pretend that they’ve never been married, or lie and say that they’re separated but not yet divorced. It’s an easy one to fall for because there’s no way to check that without breaching their privacy. Luckily, you are well within your rights to hire a private investigator to find out. This is usually the easiest private investigation to run. But running surveillance on the subject, we will soon find out who else they are meeting with beside yourself. While the photos of them coming home to a loving family would be hard to see, harder again would be the un-expected visit from an angry spouse who just found out about you!

Our private eyes can help you find out who is really behind the profile. Find out of they are who they say they are online. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be able to find the right match online.




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