Is Anywhere Safe? Following teenagers for their own protection

As a parent, you’d do anything to protect your child. You’ve done your best to raise them to make the right choices in life. But you can never be sure that, when you’re not around, they’re making the right choices. If you suspect your child is getting into trouble and putting themselves in danger when you’re not around, there is something you can do….

When you can see your child, you know they’re safe. What about when they’re at a relative’s house? Now how about a friend’s house? Or how about a party, or schoolies? The truth is, you can never truly know if your child is in a safe environment unless you’re there… and you can’t be with them all the time! If you have a feeling that your child may be up to no good, or getting into bad situations, it is your prerogative as a parent to find out what’s happening.

Following a child for their own protection can seem extreme, but if you think about it, it’s just a natural extension of your supervision. The proverbial ‘eyes in the back of your head’? You can give them x-ray vision!Children, especially teenagers, are very good at lying to their parents. They may tell you straight to your face that they’re not smoking or doing drugs, but then as soon as they’re out of your sight, things change.

Drugs can get a grip on your child and, before you have a chance to intervene, it’s too late. Overdoses, diseases, accidents and financial ruin are among a few of the terrible consequences your child may face if you don’t get to their addiction in time.

You may think that, as their parent, you’ll be able to intervene when something is wrong. But often, by then it’s too late. It’s in the early stages, where you think, but don’t yet know, that they might be getting up to something, when you have the greatest chance of intervening. Leave it too late and the consequences of their bad decisions will catch up to them. A few months can be the difference between a small experimental blip and a life shattering drug addiction.

So where is safe? The only place you know they’re not getting into trouble is in your supervision. Hiring a pair of eyes to see what happens when they’re out of the safe zone? For parents in today’s society, that’s just plain common sense.

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