Why spying on your partner is a bad idea…

You suspect something is going on behind your back. Maybe your partner is cheating. Maybe your son or daughter is lying about where they are. The idea enters your mind… if only I could track them, see where they are. You buy a GPS tracking device and feel very clever, like a spy! Until you’re arrested. As it turns out, private tracking is very, very illegal.

In today’s modern society, there’s a smorgasbord of technology out there.  Online you can buy all sorts of tracking devices, little gps units, button cameras, and a whole host of other devices that make you think you’re set to run surveillance on someone you love. There’s something wrong with that, though. there’s one thing you’re missing, and that’s a license! Private use of a GPS tracking device is illegal. Very illegal. And it comes with some very harsh penalties!

Surveillance Devices Act 1999 (Vic)

Under the Surveillance Devices Act (Vic) a tracking device is an electronic device, the primary purpose of which is to determine the geographical location of a person or an object.

You can’t knowingly install, use or maintain a tracking device;

  • To locate a person without their consent
  • To locate an object without the consent of the person having (lawful) possession of that object.

The penalty for breaking this law? Up to two years in jail.

Notice that it mentions you can’t even use a tracking device that you didn’t install. That means that using an existing GPS tracker, such as ‘find my iPhone’ or an existing GPS, falls under this law. So you may think you’re being clever, but really, you’re just doing something potentially more illegal than what you’re tracking for! They won’t go to jail or face a hefty fine for cheating on you, but you might end up facing just that for trying to find out if they are.

Instead, a trained and certified private investigator is legally allowed to run surveillance and record video, giving you much better results than a dodgy GPS tracker (which could give false records, but we won’t go into that!). What you get with a private investigator is photos, videos, time logs, verbal on-the-go updates, and much more. But most importantly, you get the assurance that the information you’ve obtained is 100% legal.

It’s not worth risking breaking the law to find out the truth. But you do deserve to know the truth. If you want to know the whereabouts of someone, such as if you have suspicions about your partner cheating, or something happening behind your back that you want to know about, our detectives can help you get the necessary proof or peace of mind, without risking jail time. Please call us today to speak with one of our private investigators. We have the highest degree of experience and skill, and know how to get you the truth while staying on the right side of the law. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see how we might be able to be your second pair of eyes.