5 Signs You’d Make a Great Private Eye

A job as a Private Investigator isn’t for everyone. The job requires a very particular set of skills, and while some of it can definitely be learnt, there are certain characteristics that could mean you would be great at the job! Have you ever wondered if you could be a private eye? If you fit the description below, you just might be perfect for the job!

You’re Patient
Believe it or not, investigation is not all excitement and drama. It is when you catch the moment you were investigating, but getting there takes a lot of waiting and patiently setting yourself up to be in the right place at the right time. This can involve a lot of diligent, meticulous research, sitting alone in a car for hours, and filming boring, everyday moments. For example, if you’re trying to catch a cheating partner in the act, you might watch them go to the gym, go to the shops, have lunch with a friend, fill up the car with petrol and potter around the house for a couple hours before you finally catch them rendezvous with their secret lover.

You’re Observant
It goes without saying, but if your job is to investigate a case for a client, you need to have a sharp eye for what’s going on around you. Awareness of your surroundings and of other people’s movements will help you track down what you’re after without being caught. A private detective will

You’re a Morning Person
The average investigator gets up between 4am and 6am on a surveillance day (and most days are surveillance days). Because most jobs aren’t around the corner from your house, and because you need to be there before the action happens, it’s important you’re always there before anything has happened (often before the person under investigation is up!). If early mornings aren’t a problem, then you’re starting on the right foot!

You’re Not Highly Emotional
While this definitely isn’t a prerequisite, it certainly helps not to get too emotionally affected by your work. You will hear sob stories from clients every day, and you will see drama unfold on a regular basis. If you felt bad every time you caught yet another cheating partner, or every time you spoke to a person who’s been cheated out of their money, or a distraught parent with a child on drugs, you would suffer emotional fatigue! A good investigator stays calm, cool and collected at all times. This helps to find the objective truth, rather than getting caught up in the dramatic story.

You’re Thorough
A lot of investigative work requires careful research, preparation and thought. You can’t just rely on luck to find out the truth for your client. You need to patiently and diligently go through all the information available to you, so that when you do run an investigation, you have the best chance of finding out the information your client is after. Then, after the investigation phase is over, there’s a lot of careful paperwork you need to do, reports and other things that you need to meticulously prepare, refine and make sure you are 100% accurate.

If this doesn’t sound like you, don’t despair! We here at Elite Investigations have private detectives on hand who boast these very skills, ready and able to do this kind of work, so you don’t have to! Call us today on 1300 721 715 or email to speak with our highly skilled and experienced team to see how we can help you find out the truth. If this does sound like you… well, maybe you’re in the wrong job!