Private Investigators Through The Ages

Have you ever wondered when the position of private investigator sprung into existence? While the name may have changed over the years, it’s likely the job (and the need for private investigation) has existing since the beginning of human history!

Stone Ages – 3000 BC
It’s the time of the stone ages. The cavemen all have multiple wives, so it’s hard to keep track of them all. Oog is particularly worried. One of his wives, Mruw, keeps going ‘foraging for berries’ and coming home with no berries! Very suspicious. Oog asks his caveman buddy Agg to watch his wives while he’s hunting sabre tooth tigers. The first private investigator is born.

Ancient Greece – 100 BC
It’s the height of the Roman era. The dawn of civilisation! Acacius is a well-to-do merchant, enjoying these modern things like writing and agriculture. But Acacius is suspicious. He thinks his trade partner is dishonest. He adds up his revenue on his abacus, but the numbers don’t add up. He decides to hire a man to investigate the business partner. Private detective just went commercial.

Middle Ages – 940 AD
Isolde is a good medieval peasant. She feeds the animals, tends to the lands and makes delicious fowl and fava bean stew. But her husband Theodoric keeps losing all their coin at the local gambling house. He says he just makes bad deals at the market, but Isolde knows he’s lying. She goes to find the local artist and hires her to sketch a picture of what she sees Isolde’s husband doing. Lo and behold, the first surveillance footage (and proof of a lying husband!) occurs.

Renaissance – 1700 AD
Margherita is a happy woman. She and her family have a nice home, her husband is a nobleman, and they’ve all managed to avoid the plague, including her two daughters. But one of them, Piera, keeps coming back home with tears in her hoop skirt. Margherita suspects she’s spending time in the wrong part of town with the riff raff. She hires Giovanni, a local trained spy, to report back on what her daughter is getting up to. As we can see, mothers have always been protective of their children!

Sydney/Melbourne – 2015 AD
Steve pulls up to a cafe and goes inside. A man and woman are in the corner, lovingly kissing and holding hands. Steve sits down and appears to be reading the paper, but he is capturing high resolution footage of infidelity on a button camera no bigger than a beetle. Oog would be so jealous!


Although these are all imaginings, people have always needed a detective on their case. The truth has always been hard to catch, since the beginning of time to today in this world of technology. While the equipment has certainly improved, and the methods have gotten cleverer and more effective, the basic concept is the same. You need to find out the truth, and you just can’t do it yourself. That’s where a private investigator can help. That’s where Elite detectives can help.

If you need someone to investigate a matter for you, from business due diligence to private surveillance, our detectives can help you find out the truth, and gather the evidence you need. Our detectives have helped countless men and women put an end to any questions, doubts and suspicions. We have years of experience (though not quite 20,000 years!), so our detectives are your best bet of achieving the resolution you need. Give us a call on 1300 721 715 or email to see what we can do for you.