Is He Really Yours? 6 Signs A Man Is Dating Multiple Partners

Hey there, Steve here and welcome to this week’s ‘private eye’ post. We’re often asked to investigate and perform a background check on new partners.

The big question everyone wants to know: “Is the person I’m dating, really the person they say they are?”

Today we’re going to take a look at the signs a man might be dating multiple partners. This is a common occurrence and quite natural if you think about it.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean the guy set out with the wrong intentions.

Let’s say your new man broke up with his ex and then waited the appropriate amount of time before beginning dating again. He then ‘put himself out there’ and went on some dates. All perfectly normal so far. But there comes a time when you move on from dating and start to see each other more.

Is it still right for him to be seeing other women? Probably not.

Here’s how to spot if it’s going on…

Choosing Based On Favourites

What you’re looking for here are signs of non-committal. You ask him if he wants to do something next week and it’s a maybe. OK, once and there’s no cause for alarm. But if this happens repeatedly you have to ask yourself why he can’t commit. I’ll tell you why. It’s because he’s waiting to see if there are any better options available. With the other women he’s dating.

Intermittent Sex

Sometimes sex is great. You spend some quality time together, you end up in bed and it’s mind-blowing. You’re thinking “I gotta get me some more of this” and next time you see him, you’re more than keen to repeat the experience. Only he’s not feeling the same. It’s because he’s feeling guilty and may have spent the day before having a mind-blowing time with one of his other dates.

Too Private

When guys are dating multiple women who don’t know they’re not the only one, there’s an easy way to avoid getting caught out. Don’t share too much about yourself and you won’t need to remember what you said and who you said it to. It’s far easier to talk about you. If he’s not opening up in the way you would expect him to as the relationship progresses, then there’s a reason why.

Repeats Himself & Confused About What He’s Told You

This one is obvious when you think about it. He can’t remember if he’s told you because he’s telling more than one woman. OK, if this happens once early on in the relationship then it might be nothing. But beware if it becomes routine.

Things Are Great But You Don’t See Him Much

You’ve found him. The perfect man. He’s attentive and present when you’re with him. He’s charming, funny and handsome. When you’re with him he makes you feel like a million dollars and you’re really falling for him. There’s just one problem. You don’t see him much. Alarm bells should be ringing. There’s a reason for this and it’s because he simply doesn’t have any more spare time. He’s busy with all the other women he’s dating.

Relationship Isolation

Every relationship starts in the same way. For the first few dates, everything is new and exciting. The flirty banter. The inside jokes. Thrill, exhilaration and expectation are in the air. Then there should be a natural rhythm and flow as things progress. Meeting a friend or two. Then a few more. Maybe some work colleagues and eventually the parents. But this hasn’t happened in your relationship. It’s only ever the two of you. Weird? Yes, it is but not if a guy is dating multiple women. There’s no way he’d want to introduce multiple women to his friends and family.

So, there you have the 6 main sig a s of serial dater. If you suspect your partner, we can help you find out for sure.

Call us or use the live chat feature to get in touch – the first call is free and all calls are handled sensitively and in the strictest confidence.

Until next week, Steve.